Wonder Woman


She’s about the whirlwind in her mindThe storm in her heartThe mystery in her eyes The adventure that’s just about to startThe countless promises The secrets and the liesThe endless staring at the empty sky Waiting for

Feelings, Poetry, THOUGHTS

All About Her




Be A New You


Mystery Woman



She was the diamond,
Whose beauty he could never tell apart
The happy ending,
Whose wish lied inside his heart

She was the answer,
To all the questions in his mind
Always in front of his eyes,
Yet difficult for him to find…

She was the flame,
That would burn till his last breath
The beautiful memory,
That he would never forget

She was the fairytale,
That he once read
The silent words
That he had never said

She was everything,
Except for what his eyes could see
The key to the chains that he had tied himself up with,
The one who would set him free…


The Voice of a Woman

I am the best, or at least that is what I believe,

I can prove its true, by the compliments I receive

Yet sometimes I wonder , if all they notice is my pretty face

Or do they actually realize that I am worth the praise?

Every day I walk down the same path, holding my head high

I am confident, yet sometimes I ask myself why

I continue to walk without paying much attention,

I choose to live an uncomplicated life, to live in deception…