The Anklet


A young spirited soul,

Daring and free

She shone brighter than the sun,

And believed in all that could be

There was a sparkle in her eyes,

Magic in her voice

She listened to all,

But made her own choice

At every turn of life

She walked with pride,

Wearing the anklet she had been given,

By the one in whom she could confide

Who had been her shadow

Her umbrella in the rain,

A woman she looked up to,

Again and again

She was a symbol of power

A fountain of positivity,

The one to whom she owed

her liberty

“Take this as a memory

Remember to dance in the rain

To never give up

To forget the pain”

Those were her words

Which she had never been able to forget

A token of love from her mother

Her priceless anklet

And she always did remember

What she had been told

Making the most of each moment

And letting each day’s adventure unfold…