We’re all just hopeful dreamers

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We sometimes turn around to see what lies behind,

But alas there is really nothing to find,

Gone will be the footprints left on the way,

No longer will the same old songs play,

Memories will hide,

Underneath the layers of time

The laughter will become more distant,

The lines of the images in our minds more fine,

Ahead always lies a new path,

One that promises that with us it will stay,

Only words they are,

But we choose to believe them anyway,

And so we keep going,

As hopeful dreamers,

With faith that is blind,

Believing that someday,

The answers to our desires

We will find

We walk slowly at first,

As unfamiliar territory we explore,

But once we feel at home again,

We begin to run towards more

And then we look back,

Again in the same way

And as time passes by,

We try to make it stay….

Experiences, Feelings

Take Me Back


Take me back.
To the time when every morning meant so much more than just the beginning of another day. When the toughest decisions I had to make were nothing more than choosing what my favourite color was.
When somebody would ask me how my day was and genuinely want to hear about it.

Take me back.
To a place where miracles existed.Where I could believe in fairy tales and fables. Where promises of being “friends forever” were made and kept too.

Take me back.
To the world which I had imagined. A place full of hope. Where time was plenty. Where the things I had to do revolved around the lives of those I love the most.

As I silently wished for something that I knew wasn’t possible, she walked up to me. Four feet tall, brown eyes, radiant smile – and a look of innocence.

“Come with me”, she said. I followed her. And after a while, I found myself standing at a place which seemed familiar.

Before me, stood a group of about ten happy young faces. All of them looked at me at once, with a sparkle in their eyes.

And before I knew it, I was running across a soccer field and they were chasing me. We did this for hours. It made them laugh, and for some reason made me smile too.

And that’s when I realised how wrong I was. Of course there was a way to go back. Age didn’t really matter. Nor did time.
Maybe I could no longer go back to that magical world of mine.
But I still had a chance to become a part of theirs.


Taking a Break


Have you ever felt like you can’t really define what you want to do in life, because you are surrounded by a pool of options? Do you feel like you just don’t have any time for yourself because of your crazy 9 to 5 job? Do you have a dream that you want to work towards achieving, but don’t know where to start?

If your answer to any of the above is a yes, then maybe it’s time to hit the pause button. During the roller coaster ride of life, all of us are bound to feel lost at one time or the other.

Although we all start with a clear picture of what the future should look like in our head, things end up becoming hazy after a while. We start questioning ourselves about why we are doing the things we do and whether or not we are moving in the right direction. And after all the brainstorming, we come to a conclusion that there’s no point of thinking, because we are reasonably happy in the place that we are in, and things “seem okay”.

Most of us leave things at that. But do we really realize what we are losing out on? Isn’t a feeling of satisfaction with what we have achieved essential in order to keep us motivated? What must we do to make sure that we do not let go of our aspirations and goals while we follow a monotonous routine?

The answer is simple – “Take a break. This may mean leaving a job which you don’t like at all, deciding to launch your own venture, studying for a competitive exam or switching your career path.

Initially, it may seem frustrating, as you’re probably going to be “sitting at home” for a while. You might have to keep answering questions about why you are not out there, in the wild goose chase like others. But no matter how tough things get, RELAX, because it’s absolutely normal.

And believe it or not, it actually pays off at the end.

Take the leap. Hit pause. Let the storm pass. Be patient.

 There’s always more to life than you think.