How do you feel? That is the question


So yes. I know it took a while.

To find an answer to what you had asked me.

But that’s only because there wasn’t just one.


“How do you feel now that it’s over?”, that was the question.

Honestly, I had no idea what to say back then.

Since I had just ended a journey.

Or should I say won a battle?

It was me against myself.

Constantly competing to be better.

To absorb all the great things that were going on around me then.


I felt like a ship

that had finally reached its destination.

After sailing across some magnificent oceans.

Surviving the rough tides.


I felt like a wounded soldier

Who had just returned home from war.

Carrying the scars of a battle never to be forgotten.

Whose eyes seek nothing but the embrace of loved ones.


Perhaps part of me felt like a bird in a cage.

One that had just been set free.

One that was ready to soar among the glorious sky.

To explore places that until now had only been dreamt of.


But the strongest feeling was that of hope.

Faith that tomorrow,

I would be able to face every challenge and succeed.

Because the woman who you saw after she had walked across that stage

With tears of joy in her eyes was ready.


Ready to wear her newfound strength as her armor.

To chase her next goal.

To start to build a life that she secretly envisioned a year ago.


You see. It wasn’t over.

In fact, it would never be.

Because as soon as I struck a pose holding proof of my victory, I knew.

There was so much more to come.


So, if I really had to give you an answer today,

Here’s what I would say –

I feel incredible.

But also a little afraid.

Because I have no idea what the future holds.

But in the end,

I know that I am now strong enough,

And that I will be just ok


So get ready to ask me again a year from now.

And I promise,

It won’t be the same…






Your’e Ready


Step away for a second.

Take it all in.

You’ve come till here on your own.

You are ready to win.

It’s not too far.

That day that you have been waiting for.

Every little move matters.

Preparing you to make some more.

Maybe it seems crazy.

The endless search for a life plan.

But I tell you it’s worth it.

Because it tells you that you can.

You can keep going.

Even when there seems to be no end.

March ahead and everything else will follow.

It’s just another bend.

Sometimes that’s just it.

You may not be able to see.

But trust yourself and take that step.

It will lead you to where you are meant to be.

And when that happens.

Take it all in again.

Step away , for a second.

And I promise that it will change you forever,

And you will know that you are ready, only then.

Feelings, Poetry

All You Have To Do Is Dream


Thoughts are just thoughts

Until they turn into dreams,

And dreams are just dreams

Until they become real


And once that happens

We close our eyes again,

To take a moment

To know how it feels


To measure the happiness

To thank the pain,

To acknowledge the fear

Of having to do it all again


We embrace the fire

Within our soul,

And gather the courage

To keep moving on


To build the bridges

To destinations unknown,

And forget the ones

That somebody had once shown


Burning till the end

And setting ourselves free,

From who we once were

To become all that we can be….

Feelings, Poetry

Time to Turn Around



Hello there. It’s me.

Do you remember?

Or are you overwhelmed by all that you have seen?


You’ve been moving ahead so fast

Dreaming, struggling, achieving

All that you had once planned

You’re almost where you have always wanted to be

But do you still think of where it all began?


Those gentle hands that caressed your face

Amidst those sleepless nights of wondering why

The tireless caring,

The warmth of her embrace

The one whose only wish was to see you fly high


Those strong shoulders that never let you down,

Each time you stood amongst the crowd

Who made you believe

That superheroes were for real

The one who always knew that you would make him proud


All those that you have come across,

Those many faces that are now simply memories

Some teaching you how to live

Some making you smile

Some that will forever be beautiful stories


Do you still remember?

I guess not

Maybe it’s time for you to turn around

To slow down a little

To stop by every now and then

To remember all that you have let go of

And celebrate all that you have now found….



















The What, How and When of Life


“12th is important. Study hard. Once you score well and get into a good college, everything will be great!”

“You’re almost done with college. Start applying for interviews. I’m telling you, once you get a good job, your future will be secure.”

“Nowadays everyone has a master’s degree. Start preparing for CAT/MAT/XAT/SNAP/GMAT. Or else, you’ll never be able to survive in the competitive world!”

“Now you’ve finished MBA. Time to think about settling down. I have a proposal in mind. You should consider it.”

Do these statements sound familiar?

I’m sure you can relate to at least one of the above scenarios. This is a classic example of how we pre-program ourselves to accept a ready made blue-print of the what, how and when of life.

From the time we are about to finish school till the time we settle down, we keep trying to achieve these goals. All the effort just to believe that we are living an ideal life, in which everything is carefully planned and perfectly timed.

And during the course of finishing each step as we are expected to, we somewhere tend to give in to the endless pressure of trying to be someone perfect.

Yes, this course of action is a sure-shot path of being successful in the materialistic sense. However, there’s something we sometimes fail to realize-

There is no end to the number of “should do’s” on the ladder leading to “somewhere”. And that somewhere can never be the same for everyone.

At times, things may not even work out the way we expect them to.

Why then do we let the society take the decision of what we should pursue (based on what everyone is doing), how we should prepare ourselves (crazy study schedules we should follow because somebody else’s child scored really well on an exam) or when we should take thing to the next level (the right age to get married and have kids).

Shouldn’t we be the boss when it comes to our past, present and future?

Some people choose to sit back and relax. Others dare to experiment, in a constant endeavor to get the most out of whatever they can.

They may not end up with a lot of money like the former group, but the feeling of accomplishment that they carry in their heart is priceless.

That’s the kind of feeling we should all try to get.

All of us have two choices before us-

Either let someone rule your life or take charge and make your own rules.


Be a follower, or be a leader.

The choice is yours to make.