The Little Girl Dressed in White

A picture of a little girl dressed in white, sitting calmly on a tiny studio chair; with an innocent face, eyes full of curiosity and a faint smile – that’s what the world sees now. But it isn’t the whole story. As she grew up, she was told a secret by her parents – that right before the moment that this picture was clicked, she had fallen. And she had tears in her eyes. Afraid of what had happened. Lying on the ground. Not knowing how to pick herself up. She was one year old after all. And there were … Continue reading The Little Girl Dressed in White

You Survived

Step out of the door each day knowing that you can handle whatever it brings. Believe in your journey – look back at how far you’ve come. Be bold enough to make decisions without knowing exactly how they will turn out in the end. They may be far from perfect. But that won’t matter. Because they will be yours. Be honest. Say what’s on your mind more often. Don’t waste time thinking about it.  Because maybe its exactly what someone wants to hear. Listen to your favourite song. Spend time doing something you love. Don’t let your to do list … Continue reading You Survived

Snowflakes in the Sand

Take that chance. Rather take every chance that you can get. At something that you truly want. Don’t let it pass by just because it wasn’t what you asked for. Or because your’e afraid that you won’t be able to win at the end of the day. Because the truth is that you can’t “always”. You can’t always plan. You can’t always succeed. In fact, its just the opposite of all of that. This journey that your’e on.   It was never meant to be painted in black and white. There are no rules. And the only boundaries that exist, … Continue reading Snowflakes in the Sand

The Mirror

She looked at the mirror, And froze at her place Someone stared back at her, A familiar face With eyes full of questions, Painted with mystery Waiting to know about the future, Asking her to let go of what was history With a faint glow, Giving her endless hope Decorated with a smile, Asking her not to give to give up She turned away, And wished that it wouldn’t stare But when she looked back again, The face was still there Asking her to be strong, To keep standing at her place To embrace the person who looked back at … Continue reading The Mirror

Angels on Earth

As she heard the first heartbeat, A tear rolled down her eye She looked at the angel that she had just been blessed by Her smile was radiant Her skin as white as snow Her face reminded her of the stars it had that special glow She embraced her tightly and said – I love you And the little angel held her finger to show her that she knew My strength, my hope, my pride that’s what you will grow up to be thought the woman and smiled silently Daughters are a blessing. A reason to go on. A beautiful … Continue reading Angels on Earth