Feelings, Poetry

All You Have To Do Is Dream


Thoughts are just thoughts

Until they turn into dreams,

And dreams are just dreams

Until they become real


And once that happens

We close our eyes again,

To take a moment

To know how it feels


To measure the happiness

To thank the pain,

To acknowledge the fear

Of having to do it all again


We embrace the fire

Within our soul,

And gather the courage

To keep moving on


To build the bridges

To destinations unknown,

And forget the ones

That somebody had once shown


Burning till the end

And setting ourselves free,

From who we once were

To become all that we can be….

Experiences, Feelings

Ponies, Rainbows, Mountains and Birds


“¿Cómo te llamas?”

(What’s your name?)


“Y, ¿Cuántos años tienes?”

(And, how old are you?)




That was it. A short conversation that was going to lead to a re-discovery of who I was – or who I wanted to be. Valeria was a little girl I met at work a few days ago – my colleague’s daughter. She was 8 years old, but had reminded me of something that had long been forgotten as I made my way through the ups and downs of life.

“Quieres dibujar en la pizarra?”

(Do you want to draw on the blackboard)

She handed me a blue marker and picked up a purple one in her hand.

“Pero…¿Qué debo dibujar? I asked.

(But, what should I draw?)

“Una casa!”

(A house)

“Ok”, I replied

Now honestly, I wasn’t really an expert at drawing. But somehow, I managed to draw a crooked looking house with a chimney on top. It was surrounded by trees and had two windows. Once I finished, I went over to her side of the board- and was amazed by what I saw.

She had drawn a huge house – more like a mansion. It was made of red bricks. Outside the mansion was a big black car – a limo. It was beautiful – but what struck me the most was a little nameplate that she had made outside the door.

“Casa del Futuro”, it read.

“Quiero vivir aqui. Es mi sueño. Es possible, no?”, she said as she looked up at me and smiled.

(I want to live here. It’s my dream. It is possible, right?)

“Si, como no!”, I replied.

(Of course, why not!)

And that’s when my thoughts started racing. I began to think of all the things that I had dreamt of till now. Those that I had been able to turn into reality. Those that I had given up on because I was told they were “too big”. Those that I was yet to see.

Could someone possibly live their dream by simply wanting to?

Was there really something that was “too big” to imagine?

My thoughts were broken by her voice-

“Es tu turno. Que es tu sueño?”

(It’s your turn. What’s your dream?)

Once again, she handed me the blue marker, and silently waited for me to begin.

At first, I wasn’t too sure, but then all of a sudden I knew exactly what I wanted to draw.

I began to draw large strokes on the board. Thinking about something that I had dreamt of. Five minutes later, I had finished. I stepped back and waited for her to say something.

“Un libro?”, she asked.

(A book?)

“Si”, I replied.


“Quiero ser una escritora.”, I said.

(I want to be a writer)

There – I had said it out loud. I wanted to be a writer. I had shared my dream with the little girl who stood beside me. Maybe that’s all I needed to do. Want to become the person I had always dreamt of becoming. Maybe this was the first step – one which I had finally taken. Maybe this was a new beginning – the beginning that would let me live my dream someday. Once again, I heard her voice.

“Ahora es mi turno!”, she said.

(“Now it’s my turn!”)

And then we continued drawing – ponies, rainbows, mountains and birds. Everything that we could think of. Without worrying about whether our wishes could ever be fulfilled. Without letting anyone limit our imagination. Without any sense of time or space. Without fear.

I had never felt better. And I was grateful. To the little girl who had handed me the blue marker and asked me to draw. Who had asked me about my dreams. Who had taught me something important – To believe in myself. To dare to give a shot at things that were “too big” to imagine. To want to live my dream.

My beautiful encounter had ended, and had left me with a lesson for life. One which had lit a spark of hope in my mind. One which would always remain in my heart.




















Experiences, Feelings

The Small Little Things in Life



Sunshine – That’s all that she would spread wherever she went. Some thought she had some kind of superpower, while others just labelled it as a temporary effect that would fade away soon. But what the world believed never really bothered her, because deep down inside, she knew that she had nothing to hide. Nothing to run away from. Nothing to fear.

What the world saw was her beautiful smile, which she never got tired of wearing on her face all day long. But what she had gone through was a story that only she knew. One that was untold. One that was to remain so forever.

People said that she was happy. That she had never faced any problems. That things always worked out according to her plan. But only she knew the truth.

A lot of people had entered her life. Some chose to stay, while others simply left. She had to make choices – some of which she got right, some of them which turned out to be wrong. Each step of her life had been taken after making a decision – sometimes it took a few hours, sometimes a couple of days.

Nevertheless, she was always able to succeed. To get through everything and wake up each morning with newfound hope. Hope that fueled her burning desire to get more out of life. Hope that motivated her to try harder. Hope that made her believe in miracles. Hope that sooner or later, things would be alright.

As she faced each day, her hope made her become stronger. Strong enough to take up whatever challenge life was about to throw at her next. Strong enough to hold things together just when they were about to fall apart. Strong enough to continue watching her own story unfold, one page at a time.

But what was the big secret to her superpower? She too had gone through many ups and downs. Then, how was she able to keep smiling through it all?

Well, the answer lies in appreciating small little things. Those small little things in life that we all forget to be thankful for, ever so often.  That one hug from our parents who love us dearly. That one phone call from a friend just to know whether we reached home safely. That one note written by someone that makes us feel special.

That’s all that it takes to make a difference. That all that it takes to keep going. That was her big secret.

One that I have shared with you. Hoping that she is able to inspire you, in just the same way that she has inspired me. Hoping that the sunshine continues to spread. And one day, light the millions of faces that we see each day.

So go on and spread the word. The world’s waiting.


The Mask


He shut the door,

And never turned around

He put on his mask,

Without making a sound

Some days he wore

A mask of faith,

A mask of love,

A mask of hate

On others he chose a mask of attitude,

A mask of happiness

A mask of gratitude

Just to fit in with others,

Like books in a pile

Even if it meant

Being someone else

for a while

His true face was one,

he never chose to show

He had vowed

to never let them know

As he looked into the mirror

At the end of each day

He tried to find himself

And put all the masks away

But there were too many,

And he failed to recognize

The innocent face hidden

Behind the disguise..


Are We Really Being Human?


Thousands of Syrian refuges being killed. A Saudi diplomat rapes his Nepali maids. Journalists being killed for exposing scams. Countries challenging each other for war. Animals being brutally slaughtered. Governments engaging in “dirty politics”.

Look at what the world has come to!

And yet, we say that we are doing so much to save the planet. Every single day, newspapers, magazines and social media cite examples of powerful and influential big shots of industries donating large amounts of money for supporting causes.

Although this is definitely a noble act on their part, does it guarantee that the world will become a better place?

Is feeding and educating the poor or running campaigns to spread awareness about something the actual solution to end this misery?

To some extent, all of these activities can make a little difference and improve the current situation, but think about it – Who should we really blame for the mess that we are in today?

“OURSELVES” – that is the harsh reality. Hard to believe? Take a minute to observe the people around you. The amount of anger in their hearts. The feeling of revenge. Never ending hatred for something that is now history. Chauvinistic attitude. High levels of insecurity. And to top it all off, excessive greed.

In fact, all of these are reasons for the plethora of devastation taking place today.

Why is it so hard for us to give shelter to people in our home land, despite knowing that they have no other place to live? Why is there no respect for women in our society? What about our right to freedom of speech? Why do we only value our own lives, when the planet was always a home to all other creatures? Where are the government’s promises?

It’s high time we realize that change can never take place unless we make a start individually, by reflecting upon our own thinking.

Let’s try to be more considerate towards all of God’s creations. Let’s be more generous and kindhearted towards the less fortunate. Try and give someone a shoulder to lean on when they have nobody else to look up to.

The power lies within you. Its time for you to decide.

Give them hope. Think better. Start a revolution.


Look Around and Keep it Real


Remember the good old days when having a mobile phone was considered to be a big deal? When someone having a flip phone was the talk of the town?

And then came fancy touch screen phones with amazing features.

They offered a wide range of applications which allowed people to do much more with their phones than just making a phone call.

Today, phones are not only seen as tools of communication, but also a means of survival. Gone are the days when we felt alone, because these inventions have become our best companions.

Right from the moment we wake up till the time we go back to sleep, we constantly “keep in touch” with them and also express our “feelings” through regular status updates on WhatsApp. We tell them what we “like” via posts on Facebook. We “follow” people on Instagram.

Hold on. What about the days when we actually made sure that we would meet our friends every evening and chat? Or the days when we said “Keep in touch” to a dear friend who was for some reason moving away, and kept that promise forever. Those random conversations with your mom about what you liked or disliked.

Of course we all love our shiny new-age companions, but at the same time, we cannot deny the fact that we are increasingly losing touch with the real world. The true meaning of talking face to face with people who are different from each other. The joy of chatting with our best friends over a cup of coffee. Talking to our loved ones about what we feel.

Is commenting on a WhatsApp or Facebook status enough to make someone feel better? Is liking their picture actually a sign of expressing your acceptance? Can applications really replace the phenomenal experience of taking on the journey of life and making new companions on the way?

These are the questions that we must ask ourselves.

Personally, I don’t think so. If you feel the same, remember that it’s never too late to make a new start.

Go out there. Make someone smile. Do the things you love.

Because in the real world, that is all that matters.