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Welcoming the Sun


I stood there staring at that tree, admiring its grace.

Impressed by its wisdom and patience.

Moved by its courage to start all over again.

To forgive. Even though the sun hadn’t been so kind.

There it was. Standing tall and firm.

As if nothing had ever changed at all.

With its branches spread wide,

It welcomed all those that passed by.

Even though it had little to offer,

It was so full of hope.

Its tiny leaves shone brightly and danced with the wind.

A gentle reminder from the universe that there was so much to celebrate.

After a long battle against the darkness, the light had prevailed.

Bringing back a sense of purpose to the world.

And everyone and everything within it.

Not only was it time for a new beginning.

But it was also a chance to dream again.

About growing.

About reaching new heights.

About never forgetting to look down and be grateful.

For the roots that had helped it hold its ground.

After months of longing, the sun was back.

And how could the mighty tree not embrace it with an open heart?

After all, every time it re-appeared, it felt as though it had never decided to leave.







I Saw A Rainbow


I saw a rainbow in the sky

Soaring from the deepest ocean to the highest cloud,

Sending a message from above,

Without making any sound

One of peace, one of hope

A reminder of humanity,

A magic bow of seven colors,

Bringing the entire universe in harmony
Maybe it led to a pot of gold,

As the legend always said

Or maybe it was a magnificent bridge,

Leading the way to make the right decisions ahead

But could it be an archer’s bow?

A symbol of bravery

Or a staircase to heaven,

That had happened to appear waywardly

I saw a rainbow in the sky

Soaring from the deepest ocean to the highest cloud,

And stood there thinking of all the things it could mean

To every person who watched it from the ground…….