Feelings, Poetry

Let it Go


What is it that makes you so sure?

That stops you from thinking twice

How can you possibly know?

If what you wish for is truly right


You choose to admire from a distance

Instead of moving two steps ahead

And silently walk away

Leaving everything unsaid


Yet you speak a thousand words,

When his smile is captured by your eyes

Making them brighten up

Or even a bit misty sometimes


How can you still think of the future?

When all that’s around you is about to change?

What makes you never let go of the belief?

That this one thing will always be the same


What if he never sees you

Because of all those that he is surrounded by?

Or forgets that you stand a mile apart

Waiting for the right time?


How long can you keep standing?

Not knowing if it will ever be true

“As long as it takes”, she said

“Until he flies as high as he wants to”

“Soars across the deep blue sky,

Shoots for the moon and lands somewhere among the stars,

And when he does,

I’ll still be here, waiting

Even if its somewhere far”


“Because it isn’t really about getting,

More about just letting go

Being grateful for having the chance to love

Staying where you are and watching it grow…”


And she ended with those words,

And so, did the questions in my mind

Turning away, I vowed to make the same promise to myself

To give it my all,

Leaving everything else behind….




Under The Same Sky


There were two worlds that they lived in – one full of dreams, and the other stark reality.

One where all that mattered was love,

and one where nothing else really mattered.

One which let them choose what they wanted,

and one where there really was no choice.


It was all temporary.

They knew that soon enough,

these two worlds would become one,

and so, would they.

There would be no more borders.

And the distance would disappear.


He glanced at her as she sat across the room.

She looked back at him and smiled, every day.

And that’s all it took to give them hope.

To make them believe that they were one step closer.


But could there really be one world?

Who knew, except for time.

He thought of her as night fell,

As she silently prayed for an eternity with him,

Under the same sky……










New Beginnings

Experiences, Feelings

The Unwritten Diary


He said goodbye

And I kept waiting

Staring at the half-open door

Wondering if he would ever return

Or care to look back just once

Because if he did,

He would have seen it in my eyes


The reason why I never completed that last sentence

Those words that were always left unsaid

The part of me that didn’t want it to end

But somewhere knew that I had no choice


How I wish I could show him

The 108 pages that I had written

As my mind wandered at 2am

One night after another

Thinking about things


He said that I worried too much

And I always smiled back at him

Knowing that he was right


Maybe I should have tried harder

To live in the present

As he always said

Honestly, I did

Until a glimpse of the future

Flashed before my eyes

But I knew that this was coming

In fact, I had known all along

I just never told him

Because his smile was too precious

For me to take away


Maybe all I needed to do

Was make another wish

And then this would be over

He would walk back in

And shut the door

I would stop worrying,

Like he always asked me to


And think about life

One day at a time

Until night would fall again

And at 2 am

I would end up writing

Page 109














And So It Ended


She gazed at the sky and sighed as her eyes began to wander upon all that laid in front of her.

The serene crescent moon. Floating clouds that travelled aimlessly in circles. Distant twinkling stars that held countless wishes. Branches of trees that moved along with gentle strokes of wind that passed by every now and then. All bound together by a comforting silence.

Another day had ended. And once again, she had made it through. Through everything that she thought she wouldn’t have.

Getting up at 5 am. Hitting the gym after ages. Smearing on some eyeliner. Attending countless meetings in the conference room. Leaving office on time. Telling her parents that she was okay. Convincing “him” that they could make it work. Promising herself to find a way.

To find a way to make it through everything again.

Ignoring the thoughts that kept her awake till 2 am. Secretly wanting to add some extra sugar to her coffee. Trying not to tremble as she painted a perfect stroke of black. Falling asleep as she wrote down everything her boss said. Gathering the courage to say no. Lying to her family. Making “him” believe in something that she knew wasn’t going to last for long.

Another day had ended. And she sat there staring at the sky, which was now pitch black. Watching the moon slowly hide, only to re-appear as it moved passed the clouds. Admiring the stars that had begun to fade away but still continued to shine. Closing her eyes as she felt the wind blow. Losing herself in the beautiful silence that now absorbed her. That freed her from all the promises that tied her down. That gave her a chance to let go and simply be.

And with that another day had ended. And so had the doubts that once crossed her mind.

She thanked herself for not giving up, and walked away from the little black window.

Wiping the tears that ran down her cheeks. Believing in herself a little more.

Knowing that tomorrow was on its way. But also knowing that she was ready.

Ready to face whatever it would bring. Ready to battle. Ready to win.





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Dentro de Mi Corazon


Nada más que un cuento,

Nada más que un actor,                          

Nada más que un sueño,

Sobre un amor


Nada más que un sentido,

Nada más que un dolor,

Nada más que una aventura,

Nada más que un explorador


Algo más de un fuego,

Que nunca va a parar,

Algo más de un encuentro,

Que todo el mundo va a recordar


Eso es lo que pienso,

Cuando te miro por la primera vez

Un toque de la magia,

Que me da la brillantez…..


Mystery Woman



She was the diamond,
Whose beauty he could never tell apart
The happy ending,
Whose wish lied inside his heart

She was the answer,
To all the questions in his mind
Always in front of his eyes,
Yet difficult for him to find…

She was the flame,
That would burn till his last breath
The beautiful memory,
That he would never forget

She was the fairytale,
That he once read
The silent words
That he had never said

She was everything,
Except for what his eyes could see
The key to the chains that he had tied himself up with,
The one who would set him free…


A Little More Love


For the little boy,
Who sits on a chair with wheels
For the old man,
Who cannot see, but only feels
For the little girl,
Who hasn’t had enough to eat
For the neighbour next door,
Who waits for his children to come and meet
For the injured sparrow,
That can no longer fly
For the woman whose mind is full of questions,
But doesn’t know why
For the ones surrounded by darkness,
Without a shoulder to lean on
For those who seek hope,
The strength to go on
Here’s a prayer for a miracle,
For a blessing from The One above
To shower them with reasons to smile,
And a little more love…

Feelings, Poetry

Identity of a Shadow


If only one wish,
Was to be granted to me
Being your shadow,
is all that I would want to be

Following you to places,
Close to your heart
Standing beside you,
Silently playing my part

Hiding behind you,
As you move towards the light
And appearing again,
When its not that bright

Letting you define,
My identity
Leaving a part of me in you,
And keeping a part of you in me…