The Difference Between Then and Now

Its always hard to sum up how much you have grown, or how far you’ve come over the past year in words. Think about it – By now, you’ve learned so much more about yourself. The things that matter the most to you. Those that make you happy. Where your passion lies, And what your next goal is. You seem to have it somewhat figured out already. You have a new plan. A new vision. And you’re ready to do whatever it takes to turn that into reality. So you start to take a mental note. Scribble on your board. … Continue reading The Difference Between Then and Now

The Mad Run

Let’s face it – We’re constantly running. Either toward something that we just need to achieve, Or away, from everything that scares us. It’s the unfamiliar things that make us think. That keep us awake for hours. That drive us to make new plans as we try to predict what they can lead to.   We wonder why we ran into them in the first place. Trying to use reason to help silence the questions in our head. I mean, of course, there has to be one. Because isn’t that how destiny works?   But that’s not the hard part. … Continue reading The Mad Run

The Butterfly that Danced Under the Sun

The butterfly was afraid to spread its wings for the first time, For it had long forgotten what freedom felt like. Wrapped in a cocoon and hanging for what seemed like forever. Counting the days till it would be strong enough, to break the walls that held it back. From the world that was full of light. But now that the time had come, It thought twice about revealing its wings that were a royal blue. Thinking about how it would be admired by all those that set their eyes on it. Being held in different hands, even though All … Continue reading The Butterfly that Danced Under the Sun

Dear Traveller

Dear Traveller, I know you get really tired sometimes. Of all the unexpected destinations that you end up on as you follow your path.You question yourself as you look up at the sky. Or across the ocean. Wherever you are. Sensing the limitlessness of it all. Realizing that you may never know everything, no matter how hard you try. Now I really can’t give you any advice on how to make that possible – after all, it is my essence. My secret formula. It’s what makes me so special. All I can say is be grateful. For the ones you … Continue reading Dear Traveller

How do you feel? That is the question

So yes. I know it took a while. To find an answer to what you had asked me. But that’s only because there wasn’t just one.   “How do you feel now that it’s over?”, that was the question. Honestly, I had no idea what to say back then. Since I had just ended a journey. Or should I say won a battle? It was me against myself. Constantly competing to be better. To absorb all the great things that were going on around me then.   I felt like a ship that had finally reached its destination. After sailing … Continue reading How do you feel? That is the question

Ferris Wheels, Hope And Purple Lights

  From a distance, I admired the view. For I had always dreamt of Ferris wheels. I was fascinated by the way they moved. Slow and gentle. Allowing you to breathe in the depth of the sky.   It was powerful, that rotating wheel. Full of hope. After all, it could stop time. No wonder then, that it was most people’s dream. To sit within those tiny chambers, with the ones that they loved.   Appreciating the little things that life had to offer- Gelato, a chance to take the perfect picture, Or having a second to truly look into … Continue reading Ferris Wheels, Hope And Purple Lights

The Little Girl Dressed in White

A picture of a little girl dressed in white, sitting calmly on a tiny studio chair; with an innocent face, eyes full of curiosity and a faint smile – that’s what the world sees now. But it isn’t the whole story. As she grew up, she was told a secret by her parents – that right before the moment that this picture was clicked, she had fallen. And she had tears in her eyes. Afraid of what had happened. Lying on the ground. Not knowing how to pick herself up. She was one year old after all. And there were … Continue reading The Little Girl Dressed in White

Scars, Battles, Destruction and Beauty

  Every now and then, something will destroy you. Sometimes a little, and sometimes completely. It will test your patience. Push you to the edge. Challenge your strength. Demand your courage. It will question everything that you believe in. And leave you thinking deep. About just how you were able to make all those decisions that made you stand at the place that you are at today. And why you made them. You will break. Or maybe get scarred during the fierce battle between your mind and your heart. As you redefine your limits and push your boundaries. As you … Continue reading Scars, Battles, Destruction and Beauty

You Survived

Step out of the door each day knowing that you can handle whatever it brings. Believe in your journey – look back at how far you’ve come. Be bold enough to make decisions without knowing exactly how they will turn out in the end. They may be far from perfect. But that won’t matter. Because they will be yours. Be honest. Say what’s on your mind more often. Don’t waste time thinking about it.  Because maybe its exactly what someone wants to hear. Listen to your favourite song. Spend time doing something you love. Don’t let your to do list … Continue reading You Survived

Snowflakes in the Sand

Take that chance. Rather take every chance that you can get. At something that you truly want. Don’t let it pass by just because it wasn’t what you asked for. Or because your’e afraid that you won’t be able to win at the end of the day. Because the truth is that you can’t “always”. You can’t always plan. You can’t always succeed. In fact, its just the opposite of all of that. This journey that your’e on.   It was never meant to be painted in black and white. There are no rules. And the only boundaries that exist, … Continue reading Snowflakes in the Sand