Meant to be?

  We work so hard to make sure that they are part of our life – those things that matter the most. Then why is it that they are the first ones that we forget about, or choose to let go of when things get tough? As time passes, or as we move on from one leap of faith to another, memories are built.Moments are captured and framed on our favorite wall. But then, reality happens. Fear starts to exist- The constant thought that we may not be able to live up to expectations. Or that we may not be capable … Continue reading Meant to be?

The Secret to Happiness

It was Josh’s birthday, and he had turned 16 years old. Everyone said he was a “young man” now, ready to take on the world. And he guessed they were right, since he now had his own driving license and his own room. They said that they believed in him and knew that he would make his dreams come true. That he would grow up to be a “happy man”. He hoped that they were right. He sat on his bed and started to think about things. Things that made him happy. Things that mattered the most. “What’s wrong son?” … Continue reading The Secret to Happiness

Heart of Gold

He was a lucky boy. His dad had lots of big shiny cars. His mom was really famous because she acted in some of those really cool movies that everyone loved watching. New toys, video games, expensive phones and fancy clothes – he had it all. He always got what he wanted, without having to ask twice. But there was just one thing which he knew he couldn’t ever get – Someone to talk to. His parents were always working, and he never really saw them around. He wasn’t allowed to make friends at school, because he was told that … Continue reading Heart of Gold

Painting on The Wall

As he finished the last stroke of perfection, he put down his brush and stepped aside. He took a few moments to   look at the masterpiece he had created. The lines were perfect, the colors were right.Yet, he felt that something was missing. Something that he couldn’t figure out. The next morning, he decided to try again. However, he failed. His heart filled with questions and his mind restless, he left the house and went for a walk. On the way, he met a little girl, who was blind. She asked him what the world looked like. He was … Continue reading Painting on The Wall

Matters of the Heart

An endless ocean of deep thought, Each drop a memory A book full of many chapters, Each with its own history As strong as a soldier at war, Each scar a mark of victory As valuable as each minute, With the power to change things to what could be As fragile as a mirror, That can be shattered apart Such is nature’s beautiful creation, A miracle called the heart…. Continue reading Matters of the Heart