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Meant to be?

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We work so hard to make sure that they are part of our life – those things that matter the most. Then why is it that they are the first ones that we forget about, or choose to let go of when things get tough?

As time passes, or as we move on from one leap of faith to another, memories are built.Moments are captured and framed on our favorite wall.

But then, reality happens.

Fear starts to exist-

The constant thought that we may not be able to live up to expectations.

Or that we may not be capable of doing whatever it takes to keep those things.

We begin to question whether we are good enough.

Whether we will be able to do justice to everything that we have created till now.

The footprints that we left along the way-

Some have faded,

And some remain in the hearts of many, that have set out on their own quests of self-discovery.

Would we ever look back at them and trace how far we have come?

Or would we choose to give them up?

As we start to find reasons, good ones

For having made the decisions that we did,

A little voice whispers in our head.

The one more famously known as what connects us to the “Soul of the world”.

The heart.

Asking us to be brave.

Brave enough to turn around sometimes.

To remember just how much every part means.

To have the courage to question ourselves.


And that’s when we must stop.

Take a moment to listen.

And if what we hear brings us joy,

Then we know that it is indeed worth fighting for.


Whatever you think that you must let go of.


Because it might be exactly what you need to keep going.

And if you’re lucky enough, the universe will reward you.

By gifting you with something called “forever”.

It will conspire to give you whatever you truly want.

Because, believe it or not, it was always meant to be…..




Short Story

The Secret to Happiness


It was Josh’s birthday, and he had turned 16 years old. Everyone said he was a “young man” now, ready to take on the world. And he guessed they were right, since he now had his own driving license and his own room.

They said that they believed in him and knew that he would make his dreams come true. That he would grow up to be a “happy man”.

He hoped that they were right.

He sat on his bed and started to think about things. Things that made him happy. Things that mattered the most.

“What’s wrong son?” his dad asked him as he entered the room.

“Dad, I’m afraid.” he said.


“Well, everyone says that I should grow up to be “a happy man”. And I really want to be one too. But, I just don’t know where to start.”

His dad smiled.

“Hold on son, I’ll be right back.” he said.

Minutes later, he returned to the room with something in his hand.

“Look at this son”, he said.

Josh looked up and saw a small lock, lying on the palm of his father’s hand.

“What’s this for Dad”, he asked, puzzled.

“This is a secret that I am going to share with you. A secret that everyone wants to know. A secret that you must always remember. The secret to happiness.”

Josh was still confused.

His dad closed the lock and gave it to him.

“Open it son”, he said.

“But Dad, where is the key?” he asked.

“Exactly. There’s no way to open the lock unless I give you the key. And that my son is the very essence of this secret.”

Josh looked up in surprise. His Dad continued to explain.

“Life is a journey of ups and downs son. And while you’re travelling, you will come across many types of people. Who you meet is a matter of chance, and there isn’t much you can do about it. But, you get to choose whether they will stay or not.

You see, your heart is surrounded by a giant lock, which protects all your feelings. And nothing can change them, unless you decide to give someone the key.

If you decide not to give it to anyone, you will end up feeling lonely.

If you decide to give it to everyone, you will end up feeling threatened.

But if you decide wisely, and give the key only to those that matter to you, you will always be happy.

And that my son, is the secret.”

Josh looked at him with awe. He had finally discovered how to be happy. He was no longer afraid.

He held the little key and said,

“I promise I won’t make too many copies of this Dad.”

“And I know that you will grow up to be a happy man my son”, his Dad replied with a smile on his face.

Being happy doesn’t just happen by chance. It’s actually a matter of choice. A decision to wait. To wait for somebody who is right. Somebody who cares enough to open the lock. Somebody whom we can trust. Somebody to whom we can give the key. The key that allows them to make a difference. To become a reason which adds to that amazing feeling. The amazing feeling called happiness.




Short Story

Heart of Gold


He was a lucky boy. His dad had lots of big shiny cars. His mom was really famous because she acted in some of those really cool movies that everyone loved watching.

New toys, video games, expensive phones and fancy clothes – he had it all.

He always got what he wanted, without having to ask twice. But there was just one thing which he knew he couldn’t ever get – Someone to talk to.

His parents were always working, and he never really saw them around. He wasn’t allowed to make friends at school, because he was told that the other kids were just not good enough. He had always been alone, and he hated it.

Every day, he walked along the same road to go to school. He didn’t have to, but he chose to because that was the only time that he got to see the real world.

One day, as soon as he left his house, it started to rain heavily. There were sounds of thunder and lightning. He got really scared and ran towards a tree for shelter. He was completely drenched and was shivering a lot. Just then, he heard a voice –

“Are you alright?”

He turned around and saw a little girl looking towards him. She had an innocent face and beautiful eyes. However, she wore a torn dress. She was poor.

“You seem to be scared”, she repeated.

“Yes.”, said the little boy. “The sound, it was so loud. And the rain – looks like it’s never going to stop.”

The little girl began to laugh.

“I love it when it rains. Do you know why?” asked the little girl.

The boy was silent.

“Every time there’s thunder, there’s a flash of light. My parents told me that it’s a sign. They said that the Earth is a really big place. And God has to take care of everything that exists on our planet. So, every time he wants to know if things are okay, he takes out his giant camera and clicks a lot of pictures.”

“But what about the rain?” asked the boy.

“Well, whenever He is happy, he showers his blessings on us in the form of rain. That’s why everything looks brighter and more beautiful once the storm is over, she replied.

The boy was amazed. He had never thought of that before.

With this, the thunderstorm ended, and the sun came out again. His fear had gone away. Everything was back to how it was.

But there was just one little difference– he had found someone to talk to. It didn’t matter if she didn’t have pretty dresses to wear or lots of toys to play with. It didn’t matter if her parents didn’t have a lot of big shiny cars or whether they were famous.

She was the one who had made his wish come true. She had helped him smile through the rain. And when she had asked him if he was okay, she really meant it.

He had found what he was looking for under that tree.

She was a ray of hope, a pillar of strength, and an ocean of kindness.

He had the whole world at his feet, but she had a heart of gold.

Short Story

Painting on The Wall


As he finished the last stroke of perfection, he put down his brush and stepped aside. He took a few moments to   look at the masterpiece he had created.

The lines were perfect, the colors were right.Yet, he felt that something was missing. Something that he couldn’t figure out.

The next morning, he decided to try again. However, he failed.

His heart filled with questions and his mind restless, he left the house and went for a walk. On the way, he met a little girl, who was blind. She asked him what the world looked like. He was so touched, that he decided to take her home.

She entered the room where his latest creation laid. Little by little she ran her fingers over the painting, and began to smile.

“Thank you!”..she said. He stood their puzzled.

“You showed me how beautiful the world is. It is a place full of kind people. Those who don’t hesitate to hold my hand and show me the way. Those who make me feel happy. Those who help me see beyond the darkness.”

He stood there in silence. He gazed at the painting. But this time it looked complete. Not just an ocean of colors, but a masterpiece with meaning.

Stop searching for perfection. Be grateful for all that you have

Open your eyes. Open your heart.

Feelings, Poetry

Matters of the Heart

An endless ocean of deep thought,

Each drop a memory

A book full of many chapters,

Each with its own history

As strong as a soldier at war,

Each scar a mark of victory

As valuable as each minute,

With the power to change things to what could be

As fragile as a mirror,

That can be shattered apart

Such is nature’s beautiful creation,

A miracle called the heart….