Happiness Is Just Outside My Window


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We often look for happiness in things, other people or foreign places.

We treat it as something that is so hard to get. Something that requires us to go through some kind of big life experience to decipher.

We think that if we can just crack the code, take calculated steps and move as fast as we can, we will find it sooner.

But what if we slowed down a little, and maybe even stopped trying so hard?

Would it mean losing out on a few things?

Maybe. But it would also give us a chance.

To observe what is going on around us.

To listen to those thoughts that we keep putting aside thinking that they don’t matter.

To face the insecurities that we may have.

To embrace the fear of not ending up at that place where we imagined

we would be 5 years ago.

At first, it would probably make you feel pretty bad. Awful even.

You’ll want to go back to the endless search that kept you so busy.

But what if you choose to keep standing there?

Eventually, you survive.

You begin to build a bridge.

Between you and between everything else that lies within you.

The light. The darkness.

That wall you built around yourself over time.

And one day, you find yourself on the other side.

And everything you once knew seems to have changed a little.

The light shines brighter. The darkness begins to fade away.

The walls crumble.

And you have no more reason to look outside.

Of course, it takes longer for you to get there.

And yes, it’s so much harder to wait than to just take advantage of the temporary moments of joy that are available everywhere.

But if I told you that that view from the other end of the bridge would be the most beautiful thing that you would probably ever see,

Isn’t it worth a shot?

So hold on. Stop chasing it. And you’ll see just how easy it is to find that reason to smile.




Experiences, Feelings

What Matters the Most


We walk towards things, often unknown.

Choosing to stay, or maybe leave after a while.

But that’s not the part that matters.

What matters is what you leave behind.

Happiness, hope, love, respect – that’s all that it takes.

To maybe give someone something worth remembering you for.

Touching lives can simply be a hello and goodbye kind of thing.

But touching hearts – it’s not that simple.

Because it takes more than just a couple of words.


It means giving part of yourself to someone to hold onto.

And every time you do that, it makes you have to decide.

To choose what exactly would be worth it.

And sometimes, you have no idea.

And that’s why we often choose not to stop.

We prefer to keep walking.


But what if you chose differently someday.

Say you wanted more than just a conversation?

What’s the key to succeeding?

Is there a magic spell of some kind?

Truth is – nobody knows.

And there’s no way to be sure.

But as far as I know,

It’s all about giving.


Giving without expecting anything in return.

Of course, that’s easier said than done.

But go ahead, give it a try.

Open yourself up to what lies ahead.

And when you do come across something, don’t just pass by.


Instead challenge yourself.

Embrace the feeling.

Let down the walls.

Break if you have to.

Because it might just make you stronger,

Or give you one hell of a story to tell.

Either way,

Take it from me – it’s totally worth it.


But then I too am just like you.

A dreamer. A realist. A wanderer.

Walking through life, one day at a time.

Redefining who I am with every encounter,

And putting together the pieces of the puzzle.


Till then, I continue to walk.

Hoping to see where all of this leads to someday.

Maybe it’s not what I have in mind.

But whatever it is, I’m sure it will be a masterpiece

And hopefully then, it will all make sense.

The stops made. The chances taken. The things left behind.


So, the next time you need to make a choice, think about this-

It is scary, but you never know how it fits into the whole picture and what you will find.

Make that one thing matter. Because for all you know, it might just end up being the one thing that matters the most.








Rise Then Fall



Lifted by a gust of wind,

The wave galloped towards the shore

First rising up with all its might,

Then slowly beginning to fall


Just enough to meet the sea,

Rippled by the once magnificent tides

Bending over and taking yet another leap,

Unravelling all that it carried inside


Stories of brave hearted men,

Coins once tossed by believers of fate

Conches blown before heroic quests,

Victories to celebrate


Crashing into sandcastles,

Bursting into an aura of white

The once mighty wave met its end,

Leaving behind blissful memories

Under the daylight……












Experiences, Feelings

Something, Somewhere


She woke up as one person, but was never the same one the next day.

Each morning brought with it a new surprise.

Sometimes she had a lot to look forward to…Sometimes nothing at all.
Sometimes she felt as if she was on top of the world..Sometimes she would hit the ground hard.
Sometimes she felt like she was unstoppable..and sometimes it took her forever to move past things.
Sometimes she was fearless..sometimes too scared to think out loud.
Sometimes she would laugh endlessly
and sometimes cry.
Sometimes she thought really hard about what mattered in life…
Sometimes she chose to make no plan.
Sometimes she seemed to be an open book..Sometimes a puzzle waiting to be solved.

Was she the same person I had met before? Honestly, I couldn’t tell.
But I saw things changing.

With every moment that passed by.

From turning struggle into success.
From choosing wisely to making a complete mess.
From cleaning it up to getting ready to rule the world again.
From smiling often, to every now and then.

People said she was crazy. That she had no idea of what she wanted.
But I never really listened to them, because all I could see was the flame that lit up her eyes,
Burning with limitless desire.

And every time I gazed at them, they made me believe.

Believe that I could be a dreamer
and wander for as long as I wished.
Until I found what I really needed.

Time didn’t matter.
It could take years, months or a couple of days.
All that mattered was finding one reason to be happy..out of a million different ways….

Short Story

The Secret to Happiness


It was Josh’s birthday, and he had turned 16 years old. Everyone said he was a “young man” now, ready to take on the world. And he guessed they were right, since he now had his own driving license and his own room.

They said that they believed in him and knew that he would make his dreams come true. That he would grow up to be a “happy man”.

He hoped that they were right.

He sat on his bed and started to think about things. Things that made him happy. Things that mattered the most.

“What’s wrong son?” his dad asked him as he entered the room.

“Dad, I’m afraid.” he said.


“Well, everyone says that I should grow up to be “a happy man”. And I really want to be one too. But, I just don’t know where to start.”

His dad smiled.

“Hold on son, I’ll be right back.” he said.

Minutes later, he returned to the room with something in his hand.

“Look at this son”, he said.

Josh looked up and saw a small lock, lying on the palm of his father’s hand.

“What’s this for Dad”, he asked, puzzled.

“This is a secret that I am going to share with you. A secret that everyone wants to know. A secret that you must always remember. The secret to happiness.”

Josh was still confused.

His dad closed the lock and gave it to him.

“Open it son”, he said.

“But Dad, where is the key?” he asked.

“Exactly. There’s no way to open the lock unless I give you the key. And that my son is the very essence of this secret.”

Josh looked up in surprise. His Dad continued to explain.

“Life is a journey of ups and downs son. And while you’re travelling, you will come across many types of people. Who you meet is a matter of chance, and there isn’t much you can do about it. But, you get to choose whether they will stay or not.

You see, your heart is surrounded by a giant lock, which protects all your feelings. And nothing can change them, unless you decide to give someone the key.

If you decide not to give it to anyone, you will end up feeling lonely.

If you decide to give it to everyone, you will end up feeling threatened.

But if you decide wisely, and give the key only to those that matter to you, you will always be happy.

And that my son, is the secret.”

Josh looked at him with awe. He had finally discovered how to be happy. He was no longer afraid.

He held the little key and said,

“I promise I won’t make too many copies of this Dad.”

“And I know that you will grow up to be a happy man my son”, his Dad replied with a smile on his face.

Being happy doesn’t just happen by chance. It’s actually a matter of choice. A decision to wait. To wait for somebody who is right. Somebody who cares enough to open the lock. Somebody whom we can trust. Somebody to whom we can give the key. The key that allows them to make a difference. To become a reason which adds to that amazing feeling. The amazing feeling called happiness.