Happiness Is Just Outside My Window


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We often look for happiness in things, other people or foreign places.

We treat it as something that is so hard to get. Something that requires us to go through some kind of big life experience to decipher.

We think that if we can just crack the code, take calculated steps and move as fast as we can, we will find it sooner.

But what if we slowed down a little, and maybe even stopped trying so hard?

Would it mean losing out on a few things?

Maybe. But it would also give us a chance.

To observe what is going on around us.

To listen to those thoughts that we keep putting aside thinking that they don’t matter.

To face the insecurities that we may have.

To embrace the fear of not ending up at that place where we imagined

we would be 5 years ago.

At first, it would probably make you feel pretty bad. Awful even.

You’ll want to go back to the endless search that kept you so busy.

But what if you choose to keep standing there?

Eventually, you survive.

You begin to build a bridge.

Between you and between everything else that lies within you.

The light. The darkness.

That wall you built around yourself over time.

And one day, you find yourself on the other side.

And everything you once knew seems to have changed a little.

The light shines brighter. The darkness begins to fade away.

The walls crumble.

And you have no more reason to look outside.

Of course, it takes longer for you to get there.

And yes, it’s so much harder to wait than to just take advantage of the temporary moments of joy that are available everywhere.

But if I told you that that view from the other end of the bridge would be the most beautiful thing that you would probably ever see,

Isn’t it worth a shot?

So hold on. Stop chasing it. And you’ll see just how easy it is to find that reason to smile.




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Some kind of Forever

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I stood there feeling powerful, holding the reins of my kite firmly. I was so afraid of losing it, after all, I had taken the time to plan everything and had been there.

Right from when it first got attached to the thread that would give it the freedom to push off from the ground until it had reached high enough in the sky to soar. I remembered every detail – it was blue with white stripes and shone brightly under the rays of the sun.

Perfect, that’s how I would describe how they looked together.

The kite had opened itself up to limitless possibilities,

As the sun welcomed it with so much warmth.

There seemed to be some kind of mystery that they would solve together,

Like they were headed toward unexplored territory

There was so much that they didn’t know.

How long would they be able to travel together?

Who knew if the sun could keep its promise of following the kite wherever it went to and continue to brighten its path?

Yet, the kite danced fearlessly.

As if it just wanted to live in that one moment and hold on to it forever.


A few minutes later, it lost its wings.

And it started falling gently to the ground.

Soon it was nowhere in sight.

I stood there staring.

But this time feeling powerless. A little heartbroken, I would admit.

I wished things would have ended differently.


I wished that the kite would have had the chance to follow the sun until it set.

At least then, I could say that I had witnessed some kind of forever.

And suddenly, the wind began to blow harder.

As if it had heard my silent thoughts.


I saw my favorite patch of blue again, drifting above.

Peaceful and happy as it continued its journey.

Determined to reunite with what felt like home.

For a moment, I thought I had lost something so special.


But in fact, I was nowhere near empty-handed as I turned to leave.

I held onto newfound courage to fight for what I truly wanted.

Onto hope that sometimes, time could surprise me.

Only if I gave it a chance.

Then, maybe I would be as lucky as the sun someday.



Dear Traveller

Dear Traveller,

I know you get really tired sometimes. Of all the unexpected destinations that you end up on as you follow your path.You question yourself as you look up at the sky. Or across the ocean. Wherever you are.

Sensing the limitlessness of it all. Realizing that you may never know everything, no matter how hard you try.

Now I really can’t give you any advice on how to make that possible – after all, it is my essence. My secret formula. It’s what makes me so special.

All I can say is be grateful. For the ones you meet as you discover incredible things.

Actually, the ones who stand by you when you fall and don’t think you have what it takes to get back up and move on.

Make a conscious effort. Stay in touch. Don’t let time get into the way of things.

Because the truth is that you will never have enough of it.

Be wise. Realize that sometimes what you’re searching for is really something that has always been there. Right in front of you, with you all this while.

Keep your mind open. Be humble.

No matter how successful you become.

Because giant houses and cars are pretty amazing.

And so are all the other fancy things that I see everyone wishing for so often.

I see them do some crazy things, like read horoscopes.

Or believe in fortune cookies.

But trust me, at the end of the day,

Its all about what you’re coming home to.

That someone who waits for you to knock on the door.

The neighbor who smiles at you every morning.

Your favorite spot, where you like to escape to sometimes.

Happiness. The simplest kind.

The joy of eating a bowl of popcorn as you binge-watch your favorite TV show.

Putting on that one song that you’ve listened to too many times and singing.

Dancing in the shower.

Cooking. Reading a good book.

Whatever makes you feel like all the effort is worth it.

I know. I know.

You’ve heard this so many times.

But I thought it might be just what you needed to hear.

At this moment. As you sit and wonder.

Right before you sleep.

And make new promises to yourself about tomorrow.

Be fierce. Be unforgettable.

Be the kind of person that I can talk about for eternity.

I believe in you.

From Life


Say Yes.



If only we were able to fast forward things and see how they would turn out to be sometimes, decisions would be so much easier.

After all, it’s hard to deal with the fear of the unknown.

More so, overcome it.

They say it’s always amazing when you reach the other side, that everything great lies there.

So the question is, are you willing to take the leap?

To move forward knowing that things will never be perfect?

Do you believe enough to hold onto faith as tightly as you can?

Because the truth is, that tomorrow’s always going to throw you off a bit.

With its mysterious ways of challenging you over and over again.

But then, there is a certain charm in taking chances.

Because sometimes, if you’re lucky enough,

They can lead you to exactly where you need to go.

Say yes more often to things.

Stop overthinking.

Because if this was your one shot at happiness,

You wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.

Stop. Imagine. Go crazy. Make a deal with the universe.

And remember – The unknown is just something awesome

waiting to be discovered.











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How to Win Against A Demon


Happiness, Anger, Excitement,Uncertainty,
Sadness, Confusion and Anxiety –
All of us experience these crazy emotions as we constantly try to win the battle against various obstacles each day.

These obstacles may be any of the following – dealing with a bad boss, having an argument with a loved one, having to make important decisions or simply worrying about the future.

No matter what form they may appear in, all of them keep adding to one common six letter demon – stress.

Not only does this demon have the power to turn a good day into a bad one, but it also makes us believe that there is no hope of things getting better anytime soon.

We begin to lose faith and question all our thoughts. We aren’t really sure about what we should do anymore. We may also blame ourselves for things that are beyond our control.In short, we end up feeling miserable!

Sounds pretty awful, doesn’t it? But what if there was a way to avoid it all?A way to keep smiling even when your world seemed to be tearing apart. Life would be so much easier right?

Now the question is, what is that magical mantra? The answer is a simple reminder – “This too shall pass.”

Yes. That’s all you need to remember. Believe it or not, these words have the power to turn things around. To fight the demon. To change that frown into a smile. To give you the hope you need to travel that extra mile.

So spread the word. Share the secret. Remind yourself. Tell others too. Because maybe they had a bad day. Because maybe that’s all they need to hear.

Short Story

To a Place Called Everywhere


“Good morning!” – Luis would wish him every time he saw him water the plants.

And in return, he would always get a bright smile from Uncle Joe.

Uncle Joe looked after the garden behind their house. He was old and had a long white beard.

Every day, he would wake up very early in the morning and leave for work, because he lived in a village far away from town. He didn’t have much money, so he would walk the entire way.

“Hello Brother” – This was a warm greeting extended by Mark to Luis every time he passed by. Mark was a 5 year old, who lived on the street. His mother was a maid and his father sold vegetables. He loved reading, but could never buy all the new books that he saw.

“Woof!” –  As soon as Luis would pass by, Kipper would run up to him and lick his hand. Kipper was an adorable beagle with big eyes. But he looked frailer and weaker as days went by. He didn’t really have a home. Nor did he have much to eat. He lived under a thatch of wood lying next to a trashcan.

Luis loved all of them. Watching them suffer made him sad. He wanted to make a difference, but he knew that he couldn’t do much since he was still small. So, he decided to write a letter.

A letter to everywhere. Because that’s where everyone told him that he lived. The one who was the most powerful. The one who made miracles happen. The one everyone prayed to – God. He took a deep breath and began to write-

Dear God,

Thank you for watching over us and taking care of us every day. I know that you have the power to make all our wishes come true. So here I am, sending you my wish list.

  • For Uncle Joe – Uncle Joe is our gardener. He works very hard each day, without complaining. He always answers all my questions and teaches me about the beauty of nature. He always has a smile on his face. But sometimes, I see him holding his knees because they hurt. They hurt because he has to walk a lot to get to town.

         Wish: I wish he had a cycle, so he didn’t have to wake up so early.

  • For Mark – Mark is like my younger brother. And he really wants to read the new book which has just been launched by his favorite author. But he doesn’t have enough money to buy it.

         Wish: I wish he can get it somehow.


  • For Kipper – Kipper is an amazing beagle who always greets me with a warm hug. I love playing with him. He does too. But everyone says that he is getting weaker.

         Wish – I wish he could have a pretty doghouse and lots of food to eat.



He sealed the envelope with the letter inside and put it in the postbox. And what happened the next day was magical.

When he woke up and went outside, he heard the sound of a bell. It was Uncle Joe, riding his new cycle along the street. Then, he saw Mark sitting under a lamp post with a copy of his new book. Finally, Kipper came to him. He looked much healthier. He grabbed Luis’s hand and took him to show his new home. It was “pretty”, just as Luis had mentioned in his letter.

He folded his hands and looked up at the sky.

“Thank you God.” he said with a smile.

His dad watched him from behind a tree. In his hand were all the receipts of the bills he had just paid for – the new cycle, the new book, and the new doghouse and food.

He too folded his hands and prayed.

“Thank you God, for giving me enough to share with others. For giving me a chance to make a difference to someone’s life. For reminding me that you reside in our hearts.”

And with this, Luis’s wishes did come true. His faith grew stronger. And he had discovered where God lived. They were right. He did stay at a place called “Everywhere”. And he hoped that that’s where he would always be.


A Power Beyond All

Sometimes we must wait for the moment in which things fall in place,

And just keep believing, with a smile on our face,

At times we may feel like we should never dream again,

But we must hold on to hope then,

So bow your head down and keep your eyes shut,

Because someone up there is watching over you no matter what….prayer114