Where you Belong

Thinking about it. That’s where it all begins. Right there. In the middle of the night. Your’e wide awake. And no matter what you do – you just can’t stop. There’s this need to find an answer. A need to figure it out. That one thing – Whatever it is. And in that moment you decide. To believe that you know what your’e doing. To have faith in the journey. You spend hours. Days. Weeks. Months. And then there’s that one moment. When everything makes sense. You realize that it was worth it. That you made it through. You find … Continue reading Where you Belong

Shooting Star

Don’t give up yet. For even a shooting star loses its beauty once it passes by. Yet it leaves us with hope. Hope that gives us a reason to believe. To believe that tomorrow we might get exactly what we wished for. And then, it will all make sense. It will be worth it. And all that you will remember is that one night. That one night when you decided to look up instead of looking away. Don’t lose that chance. Dream instead. About mountains and seas. About white horses and carriages. About magical creatures and giant beanstalks. Because it’s … Continue reading Shooting Star

Perfect Nonsense

You’re living in a fantasy world None of which makes much sense, But yet you choose to believe That there’s a spark of hope, One that’s powerful, bright and dense   Enough to lighten up the sky Just like the shooting star, That you eagerly wait for every night To wish upon, Until it disappears to somewhere far   Carrying that one dream That keeps you awake at night, Makes you want to give it your all And reminds you that it’s all worth a fight   One that would end someday And leave you with nothing but victory, Turning … Continue reading Perfect Nonsense

All You Have To Do Is Dream

Thoughts are just thoughts Until they turn into dreams, And dreams are just dreams Until they become real   And once that happens We close our eyes again, To take a moment To know how it feels   To measure the happiness To thank the pain, To acknowledge the fear Of having to do it all again   We embrace the fire Within our soul, And gather the courage To keep moving on   To build the bridges To destinations unknown, And forget the ones That somebody had once shown   Burning till the end And setting ourselves free, From … Continue reading All You Have To Do Is Dream

Paint Me A New World

Paint me a new world, Where I can stare at the stars, Without thinking twice about How far they really are   Where I can continue to travel, For hundreds of miles Not once worrying about where I’ll end up, But being sure to spread a few smiles   Where I can choose to fly, Or to dance in the rain Where love is all that there is to give And there’s no room for pain   Where time can stop for a while And moments could simply last longer Where I could take a minute to admire How far … Continue reading Paint Me A New World

Ponies, Rainbows, Mountains and Birds

“¿Cómo te llamas?” (What’s your name?) “Valeria” “Y, ¿Cuántos años tienes?” (And, how old are you?) “Ocho” (Eight)   That was it. A short conversation that was going to lead to a re-discovery of who I was – or who I wanted to be. Valeria was a little girl I met at work a few days ago – my colleague’s daughter. She was 8 years old, but had reminded me of something that had long been forgotten as I made my way through the ups and downs of life. “Quieres dibujar en la pizarra?” (Do you want to draw on … Continue reading Ponies, Rainbows, Mountains and Birds

The Escape

Choosing not to take The path she once knew, She decided to wander, To look for a clue All she wanted, Was to fly A blanket of clouds, A piece of the mighty sky Step by step, Mile after mile, Her faith grew stronger that the adventure would be worthwhile She heard a million voices, Calling her name But this was her only chance To live life again She dared to cross the mountains To sail across the sea To get rid of all the barriers And break free… Continue reading The Escape

Every Girl’s Dream

One day, he’s going to take me away, To someplace really far, Where everything is perfect, Where we could wish upon star A wish that this would last forever, And we together would live our dream A silent prayer that we could handle things, No matter how crazy they seem Each day would begin with happiness, And end with words of love, Each moment would be bliss, A blessing from the one above Our love would be infinite, One which nobody can define, I would simply be his, And he would just be mine……. Continue reading Every Girl’s Dream


How many times have you come up with an amazing idea and dreamed about it becoming true? How often do we actually take the decision to implement one of them and take a leap forward? The truth is, very few of us do. When it comes to taking chances, we usually prefer to stick to a secure plan which would definitely lead us to achieving something; even if that something isn’t even close to what we desire. But what exactly is it that stops us from pursuing that one goal? Why do we stop thinking about what could actually be … Continue reading WHAT IF?