Say Yes.



If only we were able to fast forward things and see how they would turn out to be sometimes, decisions would be so much easier.

After all, it’s hard to deal with the fear of the unknown.

More so, overcome it.

They say it’s always amazing when you reach the other side, that everything great lies there.

So the question is, are you willing to take the leap?

To move forward knowing that things will never be perfect?

Do you believe enough to hold onto faith as tightly as you can?

Because the truth is, that tomorrow’s always going to throw you off a bit.

With its mysterious ways of challenging you over and over again.

But then, there is a certain charm in taking chances.

Because sometimes, if you’re lucky enough,

They can lead you to exactly where you need to go.

Say yes more often to things.

Stop overthinking.

Because if this was your one shot at happiness,

You wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.

Stop. Imagine. Go crazy. Make a deal with the universe.

And remember – The unknown is just something awesome

waiting to be discovered.








Feelings, Poetry

Second Chances


So, if you had a chance to redo-it again, would you take it?

Going back to the time when you were so sure

When you knew exactly what you would end up doing and when

Maybe you would….

And it makes sense

Because life would be much easier then

Rules laid out in black and white

A list of things to do in your head

That you would keep checking off one by one

Only to add more to it at the end

But tell me, is that really what you would choose?

After looking at the person you’ve grown into now

All because of the decisions that you made

Back then, when you knew not how

How to heal from the pain,

That you once thought would forever stay

Or how to keep yourself from falling

Even when things slowly drifted away

So no, you really shouldn’t go back

Even if it seems tempting at a first glance,

Because yesterday is gone,

It’s no longer where you belong

And life,

Well it always has other plans…


Feelings, Poetry

A Hundred Reasons


I watched them in awe

As they stared back at me,

Hundreds of them

In different shades of pink


Some just about to bloom,

Some ready to fall

But what was their fate?

I began to think


Would they ever adorn

Hands dressed in white,

At a grand altar

As promises were made?


Or were they destined,

To lay on the ground

Embellishing the memories,

Of those that would never fade


Would they convey

What was yet unspoken,

The selfless passion

Of a stolen heart?


Or maybe celebrate

Another year,

Of aging gracefully

Making a new start


What was the path

That their lives would take?

Those hundred budding clusters

Enchanting and divine


They had no clue,

Yet continued to dazzle,

Knowing that they would someday serve their purpose

As they enjoyed the sunshine……