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Listen, Don’t Talk.



It’s easy to give up, isn’t it? Especially when everything seems to be falling apart.

No matter how hard you try, things just don’t seem to work out like you want them to.

Your head is full of a thousand questions.

The problem isn’t that you don’t have the answer to them.

In fact, it’s that you have too many to choose from.

And how is someone supposed to know what the “right” one is?

I mean, you could really just make a wrong choice.


That’s when we start trying to figure things out logically. Carefully making a list –

Pros versus cons.

Effort versus consequences.

Probability of having a “favorable outcome”.


We start crunching numbers, setting timelines and jotting down ideas.

We try to make sense out of what really is a big blur.

Because we’ve always been told that it’s better to “be prepared”.

And yes, that’s true. Actually, most of the time, it’s the best thing to do.

To sit down and make a plan.

But what if you come across something all of a sudden?

There’s just no time to think it through.

You have to decide – there and then.


Without that list.

Without the calculation.

Without a clue of where to begin.

Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Because we are just not used to thinking that way.

But to be honest, it really isn’t that hard.

All you have to do is listen.


Instead of talking yourself into believing something.

Instead of justifying your choices.

Instead of overthinking the unknown.

Just sit back and listen to yourself.


You will realize that you already know what you want.

Deep down inside, somewhere, you know.

Take a second to embrace it.

Close your eyes.

Breathe in the uncertainty.

Unleash the desire.


Don’t talk. Simply listen.

And the next time you open your eyes,

Things will be different.

Because you will be free.

From the storm inside your head.

And the endless what’s and why’s.

Giving up won’t seem like an option anymore.


You will want to take that one chance that you can.

Because you realize that it may be your only shot.

You will decide to keep going.

You will be ready to challenge yourself.


And that’s how you will always win.

Against everything.

Everything that will come your way.


You will rise.

Maybe even become a star.

Time and distance will cease to matter.

Because you will continue to shine brightly,

No matter where you are…

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Second Chances


So, if you had a chance to redo-it again, would you take it?

Going back to the time when you were so sure

When you knew exactly what you would end up doing and when

Maybe you would….

And it makes sense

Because life would be much easier then

Rules laid out in black and white

A list of things to do in your head

That you would keep checking off one by one

Only to add more to it at the end

But tell me, is that really what you would choose?

After looking at the person you’ve grown into now

All because of the decisions that you made

Back then, when you knew not how

How to heal from the pain,

That you once thought would forever stay

Or how to keep yourself from falling

Even when things slowly drifted away

So no, you really shouldn’t go back

Even if it seems tempting at a first glance,

Because yesterday is gone,

It’s no longer where you belong

And life,

Well it always has other plans…


Feelings, Poetry

A Hundred Reasons


I watched them in awe

As they stared back at me,

Hundreds of them

In different shades of pink


Some just about to bloom,

Some ready to fall

But what was their fate?

I began to think


Would they ever adorn

Hands dressed in white,

At a grand altar

As promises were made?


Or were they destined,

To lay on the ground

Embellishing the memories,

Of those that would never fade


Would they convey

What was yet unspoken,

The selfless passion

Of a stolen heart?


Or maybe celebrate

Another year,

Of aging gracefully

Making a new start


What was the path

That their lives would take?

Those hundred budding clusters

Enchanting and divine


They had no clue,

Yet continued to dazzle,

Knowing that they would someday serve their purpose

As they enjoyed the sunshine……



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Moving On


Sometimes, we look back,

At everthing that we let go of

The limits we once set ,

The beliefs we once held,

The people we once knew

Wondering if it was really worth it…..


If we are making the right choice now

If we had made the right choice back then

Searching endlessly for some kind of sign-

One that would tell us that we are heading the right way…


One that would give us the courage

To move one step closer

Towards where we are meant to be

But at the same time

Move a step further from where we once were….


Hours pass by,

Sometimes even days

Yet our reverie continues

And so does our search….


And then all of a sudden

The confusion ends

So does the doubt

That we once had in our mind…


We make a decision

And leave everything behind-

The choices we once made,

The memories we once cherished,

The fear we once had….


Knowing that things will never be perfect,

But promising ourselves

That in the end

It will all matter

It will be worth it…….

Article, Feelings

The “Breakup” and “Makeup” Era


He wakes her up every morning after making her a cup of tea, because he knows that she slept late last night.
She makes him his favourite breakfast, because she knows it will bring a smile on his face. He goes to drop her to work so that she can reach on time. On the way, she puts on some black eyeliner and red lipstick. Not because she wants to look beautiful, but because she loves it when he looks at her that way. That way which makes her feel likes its all worth the effort. Which makes her believe in what everyone says only happens in fairy tales – finding true love. Its all that matters.

Well, maybe some of us would agree with her. Maybe others won’t. And honestly, they do have a reason to think so.

In today’s era of break up and make up, true love seems to be a distant dream. In fact, love seems to have a new definition – 6 pack abs, a BMW, blue eyes, or a size zero body.

No longer does he make her a cup of tea. Instead, he sends her a good morning message on whatsapp. No longer does she make him his favorite breakfast, because she got her nails manicured last night. Dropping her to work is no longer possible, because he doesn’t want to be late himself. The eyeliner and red lipstick look is revamped. She now wears six inch heels and that new expensive dress she bought with his money, because she wants to make an impression. His look doesn’t mean much anymore. There’s nothing such as fairy tales. Love – just a four letter word. It isn’t enough to survive.

Drastic change, isn’t it? But does that mean that we can no longer dream about our ideal partner ? Is waiting for “the one” not worth it anymore? Is there really no prince charming?

Well, the answer lies within your heart.
Love could mean just a four letter word to those who fail to recognize its power. But to those who do, it means all that they need in the journey of life.
It means not being afraid of taking up the challenges. It means being in an entirely different universe. One of its own kind.

After all, we come across love by chance.But we believe in it only by choice.