I’ll Be Me

  Just a little bit out of control, Some even call her crazy, Others say that she’s adventurous and brave, That she has the courage to simply be They say it’s strange how she’s able to smile, Even on the darkest days And dare to lead, instead of follow Trying to find her own way Some call her a rebel, They say, she never settles for less And some say that she’s trouble Always part of some kind of mess Some look with eyes full of envy, Wanting to be more like her Others say that she’s full of secrets, … Continue reading I’ll Be Me

One in a Million

You’re the wave in the ocean, As bright as the sun You’re the star in the sky, Admired by everyone You’re the song which one could hear , over and over again The color of a rainbow, The now to every then You’re the piece of a puzzle, The key to a heart A reason for anyone, To make a new start You’re as precious as a diamond, A pearl in the sea A perfect example of someone, Everyone wants to be Your a ray of hope, A magic spell that can stun, You’re one in a million, With the … Continue reading One in a Million

Story of a Superstar

She peeked outside the curtain,  To see how many people had come The number seemed to be huge, “There must be 100 in here!” shouted someone She couldn’t believe her eyes, her heart was racing This was the moment, for which she had been waiting A matter of a few minutes, and then all would be done, Secretly she hoped that she would be noticed by someone She took a deep breath, and closed her eyes for a while, To remember how he had told her, that she had a beautiful smile “You’re always going to shine”, was what he … Continue reading Story of a Superstar