Short Story

The Power of a Hug


It had been a rough day. Crazy deadlines, too much traffic, scorching heat, no message from him and no call from her friends.  She felt awful.

She was losing herself – somewhere among the turning hands of the clock and the battles between her heart and her mind.

Everything seemed to be out of place. She was beginning to doubt her decisions. Was all that she was doing worth it anymore?

Was she moving in the right direction?

Would she ever reach where she wanted to?

She tried sleeping it off. She listened to her favorite songs on repeat. She even bought herself a doughnut and coffee. But nothing worked. Nothing made her feel better.

She sat on a chair and looked at the window.

Just then, her mom entered the room.

“Hi Angel”, she said.

“Mom. I got scolded by my boss today. Reached home an hour late. It wasn’t even my fault. I feel really bad.”

” Of course I know dear.”

“Well, things seem to be upside down. And I’m afraid I might make a mess.”

“That’s alright. We will just clean it up together. Like always.”

That was it. All she needed. She smiled and gave her a big hug. Suddenly, the world seemed to be a better place, where the tick tock of time and both her mind as well as her heart were at peace.

It worked like magic. It gave her power. The power to believe in herself. The power to face tomorrow.

Don’t hold back. Express your love. Because a hug can do wonders.  It is a gift from the one above.