Go Ahead and Fall


Go ahead and fall, if you really must.

Maybe it’s time to let go.

Of all the things that you’ve kept inside,

Of that side of you that you never showed


Don’t worry about the shattering noise,

Or the broken pieces,

Or the pain,

Just remember that when its time,

You’ll be able to get up again


Stronger than you’ve ever been,

With new dreams and endless desire

Ready to walk on the path that you were once afraid of,

Ready to leap into the fire


And just before you take your last step,

Towards the finish line

Take a moment to thank yourself,

For deciding to fall, once upon a time…….










Me against Myself



It’s me against myself.

I’m overthinking again.

About how far I’ve come.

And all the footsteps that I haven’t taken yet.


My eyes are ablaze.

Yes, I’m dreaming again.

About you and me.

And our promise to be together till the end.


I silently watch the clock tick.

Staring at the hands of time.

As they discreetly take away,

All that was once mine.


My heart skips a beat.

Here I go, again.

I’m picturing a perfect world.

And dancing in the rain.


It’s almost past 12.

And I decide to end the war.

Knowing that I’m not giving up yet.

And it’s all worth fighting for…




Strangers, Traffic and The City Lights



Strangers, traffic and the city lights, welcome me as I make a new start.

Weirdly enough, I feel like I’m home at last.

Away from the endless questions that I still don’t have answers to.


There’s something about this place, something special that sets it apart.

From all the other places that I’ve seen.

That have been part of my journey till now, yet led me to move on.


I casually admire some wall graffiti that adds life to the somewhat empty streets.

And I continue to stroll ahead.

Finally, I find the perfect spot and sit down.


Closing my eyes, I breathe slowly as my heart beats.

Taking out my diary, I begin to flip through each page, one by one.

Words begin to bleed.


I read all the unfinished stories that I once began to write.

Those about friendship, mystery and one-sided love.

Something seems to be missing.


I begin to wonder – Maybe I’ll find out what it is tonight.

I stare at the star-lit sky.

My belief gets stronger.


A few minutes later, I hear a mellow voice.

“Autograph please”- I turn around.

A young boy stands in front of me with a copy of my last book.



As I finish signing it, I silently watch him walk away and rejoice.

That’s when it strikes me –

My search is over.


It had given me a new reason – his happy face.

To keep searching for an end to all those half written tales.

Tales that were now ready to be told.


I begin to stroll once again, as I embrace this new place.

Strangers, traffic and the city lights, welcome me.

And, I feel like I’m home at last.

And, I feel like I’m home at last…..



































Voices In My Head


Go on.
Unleash your desire.
Hide the second thoughts that you’re having.
Showcase the fire.
Give it your all.
Maybe it’s your only chance.
Stop over thinking.
Destroy the wall.
Build your own bridge.
You may need one, or maybe two.
Have the courage to see what lies on the other side.
Even if you have no clue.
Make your own choices.
Both right or wrong.
Have no regrets.
You’ll learn as you travel along.
Love those that like you.
And those who hate you too.
They’re here for a reason.
Part of something you’re meant to do.
Lose yourself during your journey.
Go on.
Don’t be afraid.
I’ll make sure that I find you again.
And things will be just the same.

More Than A Thousand Things


Life’s about more than a thousand things

Conversations over coffee,

Your favorite song

The challenges that each day brings


A long due phone call

To a distant friend

Or maybe that message

That you were never able to send


Penning down those lines

From a book you just read

And overthinking about them

In your head


Breaking a rule or two

As you celebrate your cheat day

And making new promises

On the way


Going on a solo trip

To figure it all out

Or searching for an answer

As you admire the clouds


Life’s about more than a thousand things

The choices made,

The adventures lived

And the happy endings



Redemption At Last


(Post inspired by “The Vampire Diaries”)


Where there was once faint smoke,

Now burnt a raging fire

That blazed his heart

And scorched his soul


Every time he closed his eyes

Images of her filled up his mind

Refusing to give up on him without putting up a fair fight


He had told her that he knew nothing about love,

Yet she had decided to challenge his greatest fear

Part of him laughed, thinking that she would lose

Part of him believed that she would find a way


And as he sat down in the bar that night

Sipping on his bourbon

All he could hear was

Sounds of her innocent laughter


Maybe there really was something left inside him.

Something that was worth fighting for.

Something that would give him a reason to flip his switch.

Some “shred of humanity” that his brother was always searching for.


The fire inside him continued to burn wildly.

His heart began to beat a little faster.

He finished his drink and closed his eyes again.

And once he opened them, he found peace.

She had saved him.

And now it was his turn.