2015 – One Last Note


And as the year comes to an end, here I am – feeling grateful to all of you for helping me reach this far.

For making me believe in my ability to write…not just write but express. I am completely overwhelmed by the response to my first stint as a blogger.

Hope that I am able to touch many more hearts soon…

Looking forward to your continued support…

May the coming year bring with it some more great experiences and many more stories to share! 🙂



Who Am I?



Am I the words
Often left unsaid
Or am I the reason
for a new beginning?
Am I a follower
In the crowd
Or am I the one
Who can change what they are thinking?

Am I the shade
Against the sun
Or am I an umbrella
Under the rain?
Am I just a story
Now forgotten
Or am I one
Which can be read over and over again?

Am I a dreamer
Who waits for a miracle
Or one who makes their own destiny?
Am I strong
Am I a believer
Or one who’s still stuck on “maybe”?

Am I the one
Who gives second chances
Or one who simply moves ahead?
Am I able to let go
Or do I hold on to what was once said?

Am I calm
Like the ocean
Or am I a ball of fire?
Am I always practical
Or a hopeless romantic
with a heart full of desire?

Am I a shadow
Am I a reflection
Or just another face they see?
Am I the one
They say I should become
Or am I who I want to be?


I Can Too



She sat on a rock
In the meadow nearby
Surrounded by silence
Under the sky

Watching a little bird
Learning how to fly
Falling to the ground
But still willing to try

Lying on the grass
She said with a sigh
“It chose not to give up.
Why shouldn’t I?”

It fluttered around
Realizing its fall
Only to spread its wings again
Promising to give it its all

It took a step back
Ready to take on its flight
Making her wonder
“Isn’t it worth a fight?”

And with this the little bird
Took off from the ground
Moving higher and higher
Not once turning around

Leaving her behind
Knowing what she had to do
“If the tiny bird could win its battle” she said
“Then I can too”..


Untitled presentation


Instant Thoughts


5 Foot Tall, 500 Page Dream



Fred closed his eyes as he reminisced one of the dearest memories of his childhood.
He was very young back then – 10 years old,5 foot tall, with curly hair.
It had happened on a Sunday evening, when his Dad had asked him a very important question – What he would want to become when he grew up.
He had spent the entire day thinking about it, until he came across an old book that was kept in his father’s closet.
It was titled – “Just About Anything”.
He flipped a few pages and started to read.

” Everytime I told them that I would become famous someday, they always laughed at me and said it was impossible.Maybe because they thought that I wasn’t meant to be. After all, I didn’t have a lot of money. Neither did I own one of those big houses or expensive cars famous people usually had.

I sat in the meadow and looked at the river. Its path was cut by a huge rock. Yet it continued to flow effortlessly.
Then, I looked up to see the sun. It was hidden behind a cloud. But within a minute, it shone brightly again.
And finally, I looked at the oak tree. Most of its branches had been cut off. Yet it continued to provide as much shade as it could to all the seekers of its shelter.

And that’s when it hit me – The river was determined to flow. The sun was meant to shine. And the tree – it continued to serve its purpose till it could.
Nothing could stop them. Not the rock, not the cloud, not those people who chopped off those branches.

And there laid a lesson I would carry with me for a lifetime. It didn’t matter if they laughed. Or if I didn’t have all those things they said I needed to have.
Nothing could stop me if I had the determination to move ahead, the patience to wait for the right moment and the will to keep dreaming, even when half the world told me not to.

Everyone could become whoever they wanted to- An artist, a writer, an actor.
As long as they had a burning desire for success in their heart. A passion to go on.

There really wasn’t any limit to how far one could travel in life. One could do just about anything – if they really wanted to.”

Suddenly, Fred’s thoughts were broken by a voice –

“Mr.Carter, we go live in the next five minutes. Are you ready?”, said a young man with a microphone.

“Sure.”, Fred replied.

It was the day he had been waiting for.
The day that his new book was going to be launched.
He took a deep breath and looked at the little boy who stood beside him. He was five foot tall, and had finally fulfilled his 500 page dream.


Nothing More Nothing Less


Nothing more
Than a brick in the wall
Nothing more
Than a pebble in the sand
Nothing more
Than a drop in the ocean
Nothing more
Than a line on a hand

Yet enough
To build a castle
Yet enough
To carve a footpath
Yet enough
To make a beginning
Yet enough
To define life’s path

There’s so much more
Than to what meets the eye
So much more
Beyond imagination
So much more
Yet to be discovered
About the beauty of each creation..


Revelations in the Rain



The tiny kitchen window with a Victorian frame.I would sit there with a mug of coffee everytime it rained and listen to one of my favorite Bryan Adams songs.
“Here I am, this is me, there’s nowhere else on Earth I’d rather be”

That’s how it began. And I would sit there. Sometimes for a few minutes and sometimes for hours. Thinking about all the “stuff” that happened that day, and trying to analyze the mysterious ways of life.

And today was no different. It was rainy heavily outside. And I was sitting at the same place. But with a different question in mind – How do people judge us? What really matters when it comes to becoming someone who stands out among the crowd? Is it the money we have? Is it the clothes we wear? Is it the number of degrees we own?

Somewhere between the process of brainstorming, my eyes fell upon two men who were walking down the street. They looked elegant in their business suits.

On the way, they saw an old woman who was standing under a tree, trying to protect herself from the storm. She was completely drenched in the rain and was beginning to shiver.

One of the men continued walking, paying no attention to her. But the other one stopped and offered her his umbrella. Then he took off his coat and put it over her shoulders. The old woman smiled at him and patted his head.

And then, they began to walk together. Maybe he was going to drop her home. Or take her to the coffee shop round the corner and buy her something.

Maybe I would never know. But what I did know was that my search had come to an end. The search for the answer to the question that was on my mind.
It wasn’t the money. Or the clothes. Nor was it the number of degrees he had that had made me respect that man in the suit. It was the choice which he had made.
And there laid my answer –

Choices – that’s what really defines who we are.
Choices – The bricks that build our identity.
Choices – that make us different from the rest
Choices – simple decisions made by people like them and me



The World Isn’t Round



Everyone says the world is round. But I don’t agree. Wondering why?
Well, consider this –

When we land on this planet and begin our journey, we are surrounded by a large number of people.
People who welcome us. People who shower us with love. People who spend hours by our side.
But soon enough, we grow up. And as we do, these people begin to disappear.
But if the world is indeed round, why do they never cross our path again?

The present picture. That’s all that flashes before our eyes. What we leave behind becomes the past, and what we await is the future.
But if the world is indeed round, the picture we see first shouldn’t matter. Why can’t we begin with the end?

A race from the starting point to the finishing point. That’s what life is seen as.
But if the world is indeed round, then wouldn’t both of them be the same? There would be no winner or loser.

If you ask me, the world’s nothing close to round.
Its probably more like a straight line. Once we choose a direction, we move in it indefinitely. Not having a chance to look back. Nor to turn around and change the decision we once made.

All we do is keep moving ahead. Towards an unknown destination. Towards a new tomorrow.
Using all of our wisdom. Some of our own, and some which from others we borrow.


Only One


One thought – all it takes to make you dream
One spark – all it takes to set your imagination on fire
One chance – all it takes to prove that you’re worth it
One risk – all it takes to reach the top
One day – all it takes to make a difference
One prayer – all it takes to make things work
One belief – all it takes to keep going
One moment. One story. One word at a time.
One idea. One person. One who’s ready to shine.
One – that’s all it takes. To rise. To think ahead. To redefine what’s great.
One – may seem small to many.
But one is all it takes. To make a wish come true. Any.

One search. One face. One task to be done.

One way to follow. One choice. Only one.


The World is at War

Mourners attend candlelight vigil for Martin Richard at Garvey Park, near Richard's home in the Dorchester section of Boston, on Tuesday, April 16, 2013. Martin is the 8-year-old boy killed in the Boston Marathon bombing. (AP Photo/The New York Times, Josh Haner) MANDATORY CREDIT; NYC OUT; MAGS OUT; NO SALES; TV OUT, NO ARCHIVE

The world is at war.

It’s us against them.
The ones with weapons of different kinds versus the ones whose heart is filled with courage which is one of its own kind.
The ones whose hands are covered with drops of innocent blood versus the ones who fold their hands to pray.
The ones who know how to shed only the blood of others versus the ones who know how to stand by others when they shed tears.
The ones who have lost their humanity versus the ones who have lost their fear of death.
The ones who have decided to end peace versus the the ones like us who refuse to let them put it to an end.

It’s a battle. A long one. One which isn’t bound by any rules.
One which we must win. Its us against them.

They may have the power to destroy the things that we love. But we have the determination to build them again and again.Over and over again.

Until the war is over. Until all they are left with is defeat.
Until peace prevails forever. Until they surrender and lay at our feet.

The world is at war.And this time, we must win. And we will.