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A Little Bit of Mess

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The truth is,

I don’t have it all figured out yet.

And that’s okay.

Because I like a little bit of mess.

Like the silence that comes right before

witnessing things that I have been waiting for so long to happen.

Like the waves that the raindrops create,

as they fall into tiny puddles on the ground.

Or the lipstick stain I see on my mug after I’ve taken that first sip of tea in the morning.

That folded piece of paper,

with the unfinished poem that I began writing a month ago.

Or the little crumbs that lie at the bottom of my favourite bag of chips.


I admit, I am a dreamer.

The kind of person who believes in fairytales.

Not that I think that someone would come knocking on my door

with a glass slipper in their hand,

But maybe if I didn’t give up just yet

I might be able to get just a little bit of that thing that people say is so hard to experience sometimes – pure happiness.


I like the chaos.

Like when I can’t decide

between two flavours of ice cream,

Or where to travel next.


And as I end each day,

I get to come back home to all of it.

The hope, the comfort, and the promising new beginnings.

And sure, I won’t lie.

As I said, it is a little bit of a mess.

But it’s also what keeps me going.

And keeps me awake at night sometimes.

Because when I look back,

I know it’s all mine.

And one day all of it will fall into place.

All it needs is time.


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Welcoming the Sun


I stood there staring at that tree, admiring its grace.

Impressed by its wisdom and patience.

Moved by its courage to start all over again.

To forgive. Even though the sun hadn’t been so kind.

There it was. Standing tall and firm.

As if nothing had ever changed at all.

With its branches spread wide,

It welcomed all those that passed by.

Even though it had little to offer,

It was so full of hope.

Its tiny leaves shone brightly and danced with the wind.

A gentle reminder from the universe that there was so much to celebrate.

After a long battle against the darkness, the light had prevailed.

Bringing back a sense of purpose to the world.

And everyone and everything within it.

Not only was it time for a new beginning.

But it was also a chance to dream again.

About growing.

About reaching new heights.

About never forgetting to look down and be grateful.

For the roots that had helped it hold its ground.

After months of longing, the sun was back.

And how could the mighty tree not embrace it with an open heart?

After all, every time it re-appeared, it felt as though it had never decided to leave.







The Sand and The Sea

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I have to admit, there is nothing more beautiful

than witnessing the sea meet the shore.

Time stands still as one awaits the other.

The waves racing towards the golden grains of sand,

with a force that seems to be unstoppable.

The sand gently uniting with the wind, surrendering itself.

And as they both touch, a promise is made.

The sea vows to always come back,

Even though it has the limitless possibility to discover new islands.

And the sand, well it keeps faith and gives a part of itself to the sea in return as a memory.

Just as it is time to go their separate ways, both embrace.

Unconditionally. But still, hopeful of the future.

That’s the kind of love we must strive for.

Selfless and strong.

Powerful enough to conquer distance.

Brave enough to let go.

Always willing to wait.

Because it knows that there is something worth waiting for.







Dear Traveller

Dear Traveller,

I know you get really tired sometimes. Of all the unexpected destinations that you end up on as you follow your path.You question yourself as you look up at the sky. Or across the ocean. Wherever you are.

Sensing the limitlessness of it all. Realizing that you may never know everything, no matter how hard you try.

Now I really can’t give you any advice on how to make that possible – after all, it is my essence. My secret formula. It’s what makes me so special.

All I can say is be grateful. For the ones you meet as you discover incredible things.

Actually, the ones who stand by you when you fall and don’t think you have what it takes to get back up and move on.

Make a conscious effort. Stay in touch. Don’t let time get into the way of things.

Because the truth is that you will never have enough of it.

Be wise. Realize that sometimes what you’re searching for is really something that has always been there. Right in front of you, with you all this while.

Keep your mind open. Be humble.

No matter how successful you become.

Because giant houses and cars are pretty amazing.

And so are all the other fancy things that I see everyone wishing for so often.

I see them do some crazy things, like read horoscopes.

Or believe in fortune cookies.

But trust me, at the end of the day,

Its all about what you’re coming home to.

That someone who waits for you to knock on the door.

The neighbor who smiles at you every morning.

Your favorite spot, where you like to escape to sometimes.

Happiness. The simplest kind.

The joy of eating a bowl of popcorn as you binge-watch your favorite TV show.

Putting on that one song that you’ve listened to too many times and singing.

Dancing in the shower.

Cooking. Reading a good book.

Whatever makes you feel like all the effort is worth it.

I know. I know.

You’ve heard this so many times.

But I thought it might be just what you needed to hear.

At this moment. As you sit and wonder.

Right before you sleep.

And make new promises to yourself about tomorrow.

Be fierce. Be unforgettable.

Be the kind of person that I can talk about for eternity.

I believe in you.

From Life


Try not being perfect for once. Not worrying about looking weird or crazy when your_e about to do something new. Not thinking twice before saying exactly what_s on your mind. Not hav


#Perfectly Flawsome


Admit it, Your’e Afraid

Aren’t we all a little afraid

of admitting the truth?


Maybe we have no idea why we are doing what we are doing.

Maybe we should have said what was on our mind.

Maybe the second option should have been our first.

Maybe we should start over.

Maybe tomorrow won’t be the way we pictured it to be.

We think about it all the time.

All this stuff.

And it keeps us awake.

It makes us spend hours trying to gaze into the future.

Trying to make sense of the uncertainty.

Trying to eliminate the risk.

Trying to draw up a plan of some kind.

Trying to make a list of rules to follow.

Trying to come up with a formula to succeed.


And then, all of a sudden,

We feel at ease.

Because we think that we’ve cracked that secret code.

The one that can set things right.

The one that is the key to that door that we’ve

been trying to open for what seems like forever.

The one that we think is perfect in every way.

But maybe we’re wrong.

Because things might take a totally different turn.

Life as always has other plans.

Then what?

Was making that plan a waste of time?

Or were those questions that we asked ourselves a lie?

What then, is the best way to live?


I have no idea, I have to admit.

I am a little afraid.

And that is the truth.

But then, aren’t we all?

But what if we follow our heart in the end?

Maybe we could fly.

And yes it’s true, we could fall.

But it’s the possibility that we need to look at.

And win against all the doubts.


Walk ahead.

Be brave enough to make that choice.

Speak your mind.

Move to a new city.

Embrace the flawed decisions that you may have made.

Because no matter what,

It’s never too late

And remember,

we’re all a little afraid.


with love& gratitude


Midnight Musings




New Beginnings

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Drowning in Dilemma


She could hold on
or choose to let go
As she stood there fighting
Against the storm
Which was determined to
make her world come crashing down
Leaving her in silence
On her own

She could give up
or choose to go on
As the voices around her
kept playing in her head
Telling her to stop
To battle no more
Warning her of the path
that laid ahead

She could step back
or choose to move forward
As a flood of memories
Blurred her mind
Reminding her of what once was
Of all that she would
Have to leave behind..





Modern World


World, Hold On