Your’e Ready


Step away for a second.

Take it all in.

You’ve come till here on your own.

You are ready to win.

It’s not too far.

That day that you have been waiting for.

Every little move matters.

Preparing you to make some more.

Maybe it seems crazy.

The endless search for a life plan.

But I tell you it’s worth it.

Because it tells you that you can.

You can keep going.

Even when there seems to be no end.

March ahead and everything else will follow.

It’s just another bend.

Sometimes that’s just it.

You may not be able to see.

But trust yourself and take that step.

It will lead you to where you are meant to be.

And when that happens.

Take it all in again.

Step away , for a second.

And I promise that it will change you forever,

And you will know that you are ready, only then.

Experiences, Poetry

I’ll Be Me

Woman painting walking in the park figurative art


Just a little bit out of control,

Some even call her crazy,

Others say that she’s adventurous and brave,

That she has the courage to simply be

They say it’s strange how she’s able to smile,

Even on the darkest days

And dare to lead, instead of follow

Trying to find her own way

Some call her a rebel,

They say, she never settles for less

And some say that she’s trouble

Always part of some kind of mess

Some look with eyes full of envy,

Wanting to be more like her

Others say that she’s full of secrets,

And gaze as they whisper

And her? Well she already knows

She greets them as she passes by,

Not afraid to be who she is

Because she has nothing to hide

And as night falls, she sits by the window

Staring at the pitch-black sky

She opens a book, pulls out a page

Finally, ready to set herself free

One word at a time,

She begins to write silently

“I know I’m one of a kind,

And you may not always agree,

But that’s the beauty of it all, in the end

You’ll be you,

And I’ll be me….”

She turns around, and looks up

Thanking the blanket of stars for being so kind

For spreading nothing but brightness

In a world where a reason to smile was sometimes hard to find……



Picture Perfect



What is perfection anyway?

A pretty face?

Something that makes you sigh?

Or is it just a blatant lie?

Hidden in a beautiful disguise


Is it the way that we choose to see things?

Or is it only about what is revealed by time

Does it come across unannounced?

Or is there some kind of sign?


Is it hard to hold onto?

Or is it wise to let go?

Is it worth gambling all that you can have?

And forgetting all that you believe you know?


Searching for it endlessly-

Isn’t that what we usually do?

Not once stopping to look back

Thinking that there’s no way

That you could have found it so soon


Maybe it’s just another name,

For something mysterious, that doesn’t exist

Or maybe someone will walk up to you someday

And give it a whole new meaning,

Clearing up the mist


What is, perfection then anyway? –

A moment when you realize

That nothing could be more perfect

Than what lies before your eyes…






Feelings, Poetry

Second Chances


So, if you had a chance to redo-it again, would you take it?

Going back to the time when you were so sure

When you knew exactly what you would end up doing and when

Maybe you would….

And it makes sense

Because life would be much easier then

Rules laid out in black and white

A list of things to do in your head

That you would keep checking off one by one

Only to add more to it at the end

But tell me, is that really what you would choose?

After looking at the person you’ve grown into now

All because of the decisions that you made

Back then, when you knew not how

How to heal from the pain,

That you once thought would forever stay

Or how to keep yourself from falling

Even when things slowly drifted away

So no, you really shouldn’t go back

Even if it seems tempting at a first glance,

Because yesterday is gone,

It’s no longer where you belong

And life,

Well it always has other plans…


Feelings, Poetry

Let it Go


What is it that makes you so sure?

That stops you from thinking twice

How can you possibly know?

If what you wish for is truly right


You choose to admire from a distance

Instead of moving two steps ahead

And silently walk away

Leaving everything unsaid


Yet you speak a thousand words,

When his smile is captured by your eyes

Making them brighten up

Or even a bit misty sometimes


How can you still think of the future?

When all that’s around you is about to change?

What makes you never let go of the belief?

That this one thing will always be the same


What if he never sees you

Because of all those that he is surrounded by?

Or forgets that you stand a mile apart

Waiting for the right time?


How long can you keep standing?

Not knowing if it will ever be true

“As long as it takes”, she said

“Until he flies as high as he wants to”

“Soars across the deep blue sky,

Shoots for the moon and lands somewhere among the stars,

And when he does,

I’ll still be here, waiting

Even if its somewhere far”


“Because it isn’t really about getting,

More about just letting go

Being grateful for having the chance to love

Staying where you are and watching it grow…”


And she ended with those words,

And so, did the questions in my mind

Turning away, I vowed to make the same promise to myself

To give it my all,

Leaving everything else behind….



Feelings, Poetry

Perfect Nonsense


You’re living in a fantasy world

None of which makes much sense,

But yet you choose to believe

That there’s a spark of hope,

One that’s powerful, bright and dense


Enough to lighten up the sky

Just like the shooting star,

That you eagerly wait for every night

To wish upon,

Until it disappears to somewhere far


Carrying that one dream

That keeps you awake at night,

Makes you want to give it your all

And reminds you that it’s all worth a fight


One that would end someday

And leave you with nothing but victory,

Turning your life around

And leaving you with a new story


That will be read over and over again

In times of doubt, by your heart

And while your mind may always call it “perfect nonsense”,

You will still choose to believe in it,

As you find that little spark ……..



















Feelings, Poetry

All You Have To Do Is Dream


Thoughts are just thoughts

Until they turn into dreams,

And dreams are just dreams

Until they become real


And once that happens

We close our eyes again,

To take a moment

To know how it feels


To measure the happiness

To thank the pain,

To acknowledge the fear

Of having to do it all again


We embrace the fire

Within our soul,

And gather the courage

To keep moving on


To build the bridges

To destinations unknown,

And forget the ones

That somebody had once shown


Burning till the end

And setting ourselves free,

From who we once were

To become all that we can be….

Feelings, Poetry

Paint Me A New World


Paint me a new world,

Where I can stare at the stars,

Without thinking twice about

How far they really are


Where I can continue to travel,

For hundreds of miles

Not once worrying about where I’ll end up,

But being sure to spread a few smiles


Where I can choose to fly,

Or to dance in the rain

Where love is all that there is to give

And there’s no room for pain


Where time can stop for a while

And moments could simply last longer

Where I could take a minute to admire

How far I’ve come and how I’ve become stronger


I choose to believe in unicorns,

Rainbows and other crazy things

So, would you be the one to paint me a new world?

One full of magic and countless dreams?








Feelings, Poetry

Go Ahead and Fall


Go ahead and fall, if you really must.

Maybe it’s time to let go.

Of all the things that you’ve kept inside,

Of that side of you that you never showed


Don’t worry about the shattering noise,

Or the broken pieces,

Or the pain,

Just remember that when its time,

You’ll be able to get up again


Stronger than you’ve ever been,

With new dreams and endless desire

Ready to walk on the path that you were once afraid of,

Ready to leap into the fire


And just before you take your last step,

Towards the finish line

Take a moment to thank yourself,

For deciding to fall, once upon a time…….










Feelings, Poetry

Me against Myself



It’s me against myself.

I’m overthinking again.

About how far I’ve come.

And all the footsteps that I haven’t taken yet.


My eyes are ablaze.

Yes, I’m dreaming again.

About you and me.

And our promise to be together till the end.


I silently watch the clock tick.

Staring at the hands of time.

As they discreetly take away,

All that was once mine.


My heart skips a beat.

Here I go, again.

I’m picturing a perfect world.

And dancing in the rain.


It’s almost past 12.

And I decide to end the war.

Knowing that I’m not giving up yet.

And it’s all worth fighting for…