Experiences, Feelings

Moving On


Sometimes, we look back,

At everthing that we let go of

The limits we once set ,

The beliefs we once held,

The people we once knew

Wondering if it was really worth it…..


If we are making the right choice now

If we had made the right choice back then

Searching endlessly for some kind of sign-

One that would tell us that we are heading the right way…


One that would give us the courage

To move one step closer

Towards where we are meant to be

But at the same time

Move a step further from where we once were….


Hours pass by,

Sometimes even days

Yet our reverie continues

And so does our search….


And then all of a sudden

The confusion ends

So does the doubt

That we once had in our mind…


We make a decision

And leave everything behind-

The choices we once made,

The memories we once cherished,

The fear we once had….


Knowing that things will never be perfect,

But promising ourselves

That in the end

It will all matter

It will be worth it…….


Beginning From The End


I saw a little dandelion sway,

As the wind blew across the field

It bent just a little

And seconds later

Stood tall again

Back to how it was-

Strong,vibrant and firmly holding its ground

But that wasn´t the end…..


Back came the wind,

This time it blew harder

Bending the small flower over completely

Until it touched the moist soil

Forcing it to flow in its direction

Yet a minute later

It started to rise

Constantly moving

As it fought back

But that wasn´t the end…..


This time the wind blew harder

And it didn´t come alone

With it came the rain

Strokes of lightening

and branches that fell

Uprooting the little dandelion

And carrying it along

To a place that it had never been to before


Was this really the end?

Maybe it was

I thought to myself…


Turning back towards my car,

I started walking

Thinking about the small yellow flower


The way it fought back against the storm

The way it gathered all its strength and decided to rise

Even though it knew that it stood no chance

Knowing that things may never be the same again

Was this really the end?


Seconds later, the wind blew again

But this time it didn´t take anything away

Instead it left the little dandelion

Lying next to my feet


I picked it up

And kept it in my pocket

Respecting the courage that it had shown

Realizing that I had always thought wrong

There´s always a time when things come to an end

But an end could lead to a new beginning

Just like it did for the small dandelion

That would now adorn the little glass vase that laid on my desk…….



















Experiences, Feelings

Ponies, Rainbows, Mountains and Birds


“¿Cómo te llamas?”

(What’s your name?)


“Y, ¿Cuántos años tienes?”

(And, how old are you?)




That was it. A short conversation that was going to lead to a re-discovery of who I was – or who I wanted to be. Valeria was a little girl I met at work a few days ago – my colleague’s daughter. She was 8 years old, but had reminded me of something that had long been forgotten as I made my way through the ups and downs of life.

“Quieres dibujar en la pizarra?”

(Do you want to draw on the blackboard)

She handed me a blue marker and picked up a purple one in her hand.

“Pero…¿Qué debo dibujar? I asked.

(But, what should I draw?)

“Una casa!”

(A house)

“Ok”, I replied

Now honestly, I wasn’t really an expert at drawing. But somehow, I managed to draw a crooked looking house with a chimney on top. It was surrounded by trees and had two windows. Once I finished, I went over to her side of the board- and was amazed by what I saw.

She had drawn a huge house – more like a mansion. It was made of red bricks. Outside the mansion was a big black car – a limo. It was beautiful – but what struck me the most was a little nameplate that she had made outside the door.

“Casa del Futuro”, it read.

“Quiero vivir aqui. Es mi sueño. Es possible, no?”, she said as she looked up at me and smiled.

(I want to live here. It’s my dream. It is possible, right?)

“Si, como no!”, I replied.

(Of course, why not!)

And that’s when my thoughts started racing. I began to think of all the things that I had dreamt of till now. Those that I had been able to turn into reality. Those that I had given up on because I was told they were “too big”. Those that I was yet to see.

Could someone possibly live their dream by simply wanting to?

Was there really something that was “too big” to imagine?

My thoughts were broken by her voice-

“Es tu turno. Que es tu sueño?”

(It’s your turn. What’s your dream?)

Once again, she handed me the blue marker, and silently waited for me to begin.

At first, I wasn’t too sure, but then all of a sudden I knew exactly what I wanted to draw.

I began to draw large strokes on the board. Thinking about something that I had dreamt of. Five minutes later, I had finished. I stepped back and waited for her to say something.

“Un libro?”, she asked.

(A book?)

“Si”, I replied.


“Quiero ser una escritora.”, I said.

(I want to be a writer)

There – I had said it out loud. I wanted to be a writer. I had shared my dream with the little girl who stood beside me. Maybe that’s all I needed to do. Want to become the person I had always dreamt of becoming. Maybe this was the first step – one which I had finally taken. Maybe this was a new beginning – the beginning that would let me live my dream someday. Once again, I heard her voice.

“Ahora es mi turno!”, she said.

(“Now it’s my turn!”)

And then we continued drawing – ponies, rainbows, mountains and birds. Everything that we could think of. Without worrying about whether our wishes could ever be fulfilled. Without letting anyone limit our imagination. Without any sense of time or space. Without fear.

I had never felt better. And I was grateful. To the little girl who had handed me the blue marker and asked me to draw. Who had asked me about my dreams. Who had taught me something important – To believe in myself. To dare to give a shot at things that were “too big” to imagine. To want to live my dream.

My beautiful encounter had ended, and had left me with a lesson for life. One which had lit a spark of hope in my mind. One which would always remain in my heart.




















Experiences, Feelings

The Small Little Things in Life



Sunshine – That’s all that she would spread wherever she went. Some thought she had some kind of superpower, while others just labelled it as a temporary effect that would fade away soon. But what the world believed never really bothered her, because deep down inside, she knew that she had nothing to hide. Nothing to run away from. Nothing to fear.

What the world saw was her beautiful smile, which she never got tired of wearing on her face all day long. But what she had gone through was a story that only she knew. One that was untold. One that was to remain so forever.

People said that she was happy. That she had never faced any problems. That things always worked out according to her plan. But only she knew the truth.

A lot of people had entered her life. Some chose to stay, while others simply left. She had to make choices – some of which she got right, some of them which turned out to be wrong. Each step of her life had been taken after making a decision – sometimes it took a few hours, sometimes a couple of days.

Nevertheless, she was always able to succeed. To get through everything and wake up each morning with newfound hope. Hope that fueled her burning desire to get more out of life. Hope that motivated her to try harder. Hope that made her believe in miracles. Hope that sooner or later, things would be alright.

As she faced each day, her hope made her become stronger. Strong enough to take up whatever challenge life was about to throw at her next. Strong enough to hold things together just when they were about to fall apart. Strong enough to continue watching her own story unfold, one page at a time.

But what was the big secret to her superpower? She too had gone through many ups and downs. Then, how was she able to keep smiling through it all?

Well, the answer lies in appreciating small little things. Those small little things in life that we all forget to be thankful for, ever so often.  That one hug from our parents who love us dearly. That one phone call from a friend just to know whether we reached home safely. That one note written by someone that makes us feel special.

That’s all that it takes to make a difference. That all that it takes to keep going. That was her big secret.

One that I have shared with you. Hoping that she is able to inspire you, in just the same way that she has inspired me. Hoping that the sunshine continues to spread. And one day, light the millions of faces that we see each day.

So go on and spread the word. The world’s waiting.

Experiences, Feelings

Take Me Back


Take me back.
To the time when every morning meant so much more than just the beginning of another day. When the toughest decisions I had to make were nothing more than choosing what my favourite color was.
When somebody would ask me how my day was and genuinely want to hear about it.

Take me back.
To a place where miracles existed.Where I could believe in fairy tales and fables. Where promises of being “friends forever” were made and kept too.

Take me back.
To the world which I had imagined. A place full of hope. Where time was plenty. Where the things I had to do revolved around the lives of those I love the most.

As I silently wished for something that I knew wasn’t possible, she walked up to me. Four feet tall, brown eyes, radiant smile – and a look of innocence.

“Come with me”, she said. I followed her. And after a while, I found myself standing at a place which seemed familiar.

Before me, stood a group of about ten happy young faces. All of them looked at me at once, with a sparkle in their eyes.

And before I knew it, I was running across a soccer field and they were chasing me. We did this for hours. It made them laugh, and for some reason made me smile too.

And that’s when I realised how wrong I was. Of course there was a way to go back. Age didn’t really matter. Nor did time.
Maybe I could no longer go back to that magical world of mine.
But I still had a chance to become a part of theirs.


There’s Always A Reason



“It’s time to come home. Can’t wait to see you! ”they had said over the phone.

“Me too”, she had replied.

Finally it was happening. After 4 years of living alone. Facing all the “stuff that always happens” in the big bad world. Coming home after having a bad day and wishing that she had someone to ask her how her day had been. She thought she would never get through it all, but in the end, she made it. She was going back to a place called home, filled with warmth which would comfort her better than the cold walls of the “room she stayed in”.

Of course she was going to miss her workplace, that had ensured that time flied. But it was going to be worth it.

There must be a reason.

What Happened Next

Nothing! That’s the only word which can explain it all. Nothing to look forward to. No friends. No office colleagues. No reason to get up early anymore.

All she did was sit at home and watch the sun rise and set each day.

Everyone had told her that this was all going to lead to a better future. That things would fall in place. That things happen for a reason. But it had been 6 months, and her faith had started to dwindle.

Maybe there isn’t a reason at all


A Happy Ending

“CONGRATULATIONS!” they said to her. But this time it wasn’t over the phone. The wish was followed by a warm hug.

It made her feel alive. As if it was all that she had ever wanted.

She had just got the news that her application for a job at the most prestigious MNC had been accepted. The blog she had launched was getting popular day by day. She was getting famous.

Her new workplace was amazing. She made new friends. Time started to fly again. Her faith had been restored. In fact, it had grown more powerful than ever before.

She recalled the times when she used to question things. Today she had found an answer to all those questions. She had begun to believe.

“There’s always a reason” – Let no one tell you differently!