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Meant to be?

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We work so hard to make sure that they are part of our life – those things that matter the most. Then why is it that they are the first ones that we forget about, or choose to let go of when things get tough?

As time passes, or as we move on from one leap of faith to another, memories are built.Moments are captured and framed on our favorite wall.

But then, reality happens.

Fear starts to exist-

The constant thought that we may not be able to live up to expectations.

Or that we may not be capable of doing whatever it takes to keep those things.

We begin to question whether we are good enough.

Whether we will be able to do justice to everything that we have created till now.

The footprints that we left along the way-

Some have faded,

And some remain in the hearts of many, that have set out on their own quests of self-discovery.

Would we ever look back at them and trace how far we have come?

Or would we choose to give them up?

As we start to find reasons, good ones

For having made the decisions that we did,

A little voice whispers in our head.

The one more famously known as what connects us to the “Soul of the world”.

The heart.

Asking us to be brave.

Brave enough to turn around sometimes.

To remember just how much every part means.

To have the courage to question ourselves.


And that’s when we must stop.

Take a moment to listen.

And if what we hear brings us joy,

Then we know that it is indeed worth fighting for.


Whatever you think that you must let go of.


Because it might be exactly what you need to keep going.

And if you’re lucky enough, the universe will reward you.

By gifting you with something called “forever”.

It will conspire to give you whatever you truly want.

Because, believe it or not, it was always meant to be…..




Article, Feelings

Listen, Don’t Talk.



It’s easy to give up, isn’t it? Especially when everything seems to be falling apart.

No matter how hard you try, things just don’t seem to work out like you want them to.

Your head is full of a thousand questions.

The problem isn’t that you don’t have the answer to them.

In fact, it’s that you have too many to choose from.

And how is someone supposed to know what the “right” one is?

I mean, you could really just make a wrong choice.


That’s when we start trying to figure things out logically. Carefully making a list –

Pros versus cons.

Effort versus consequences.

Probability of having a “favorable outcome”.


We start crunching numbers, setting timelines and jotting down ideas.

We try to make sense out of what really is a big blur.

Because we’ve always been told that it’s better to “be prepared”.

And yes, that’s true. Actually, most of the time, it’s the best thing to do.

To sit down and make a plan.

But what if you come across something all of a sudden?

There’s just no time to think it through.

You have to decide – there and then.


Without that list.

Without the calculation.

Without a clue of where to begin.

Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Because we are just not used to thinking that way.

But to be honest, it really isn’t that hard.

All you have to do is listen.


Instead of talking yourself into believing something.

Instead of justifying your choices.

Instead of overthinking the unknown.

Just sit back and listen to yourself.


You will realize that you already know what you want.

Deep down inside, somewhere, you know.

Take a second to embrace it.

Close your eyes.

Breathe in the uncertainty.

Unleash the desire.


Don’t talk. Simply listen.

And the next time you open your eyes,

Things will be different.

Because you will be free.

From the storm inside your head.

And the endless what’s and why’s.

Giving up won’t seem like an option anymore.


You will want to take that one chance that you can.

Because you realize that it may be your only shot.

You will decide to keep going.

You will be ready to challenge yourself.


And that’s how you will always win.

Against everything.

Everything that will come your way.


You will rise.

Maybe even become a star.

Time and distance will cease to matter.

Because you will continue to shine brightly,

No matter where you are…

Article, Feelings

Chances and Choices



Sometimes it’s all about making the right choice.

Choosing between having the chance to get everything and taking that risk of losing it all.

Trusting yourself and believing that things will fall in place in the end.

Thinking it through once and then re-thinking it all over again.

Worrying a lot at the beginning and finally learning how to face it one step at a time.

Holding on to all that you care about, but at the same time letting go.

To see how much of it finds its way back to you.


Sometimes it’s important to face the storm.

To survive it and celebrate your win.

To forget who you were.

To envision all that you can be.

Because you’re getting stronger.

With each day that passes by.


Sometimes you just have to keep going.

Not listen to those voices in your head.

The ones that tell you to stop.

Holding you back from taking that leap of faith.


Because its everything that you’ve dreamed of having.

Everything that you really want now.

It’s waiting there.

On the other side of that dilemma.


Between winning and losing.

Between doubting and trusting.

Between holding on and letting go.


So, make that choice. Take that risk.

And gamble.

Because it might be your only chance.

Because it might be the right choice.

Because it might just be what you really need.

And end up changing your life, forever….






The Art of Keeping Cool



Imagine a scenario in which you are an employee at a government office – an old factory site, not too well maintained and located in a remote area. Your main task is to sit at the reception and resolve the queries of all those who walk into the door. Sometimes doing so is easy, when the matter at hand can be resolved by making just one phone call or simply asking them to fill a form. However, sometimes you may come across people with unreasonable queries and unlimited demands.

In case of the latter, things can get pretty crazy – you may need to answer about 1000 questions, complete whatever you were doing before that one difficult person came in, and make sure that the information you provide is 100% accurate!

And you must handle all of this alone.

All this – all at once.

Now let’s take the example of a modern private organization – a beautiful 15 floor building, covered with glass and located in the heart of the city. Although it may look pretty amazing from the outside, what goes on inside isn’t much different from the former scenario discussed above.

Somewhere behind those magnificent glass doors, an overworked employee who has to meet challenging deadlines struggles to finish his work. And while he’s at it, he is also expected to attend a very important meeting and submit a project outline to his boss. At the same time, he is busy attending calls from clients – always having to wear a smile on his face.

Doesn’t sound easy does it?

Yet these employees are able to deliver all that is expected of them, and that too perfectly.

So what is the formula of their success? How are they able to take it all in even when the world around them seems to be spinning way too fast?

“Patience” – that’s the answer!

Patient people are able to make balanced decisions and come up with quick plans to fix things when they go wrong. They are able to motivate others and make valuable suggestions. They simply keep working hard and wait for the results. And then their wait comes to an end – and they end up winning.

Winning against all the odds -The countless queries. The challenging deadlines. The demanding boss. The endless phone calls from clients.

And that’s what sets them apart and makes them emerge as leaders. And everything seems to be worth it. So the next time you feel like giving up because things seem to have gotten way out of hand, remember to take a step back.

Take a step back and remind yourself that you have a weapon which can help you turn things around.

Remind yourself that you do have what it takes to handle the pressure. Practice the art which works like magic. The art of keeping cool!




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Meeting Somebody


The world’s full of them.
Those different kind of somebody’s.

Some who rise,
Some who fall,
Some who bow down,
Some who stand tall

Some with promises,
Some with plans,
Some not known by others,
Some with millions of fans

Some who whisper,
Some who talk loud,
Some with patience,
Some who are proud

Some who choose,
Some who follow,
Some with passion,
Some who wait for tomorrow

Some who hold on,
Some who don’t,
Some who care,
Some who won’t

Some of them become a part of our lives.
Some are left behind as memories.
Some lead us to an ending.
Some help us write new stories.

And that’s how it is when we meet somebody. Who we meet isn’t really our choice, but who we never let go of is.

The ones who leave are a reflection of somebody that we once were. But the ones that stay have the power to define who we are.

And that is why we must choose wisely.

Because meeting somebody is easy. But finding those who are worth holding on to is the challenge.


Searching for a Super Hero


More often than not, we hear people complaining about things that they don’t have; or questioning why others have what they do.Most of us aim to become like someone else who we consider as a role model. Someone who has it all. Someone who seems to have made all of life’s decisions correctly. Someone who seems to be a perfect example of the kind of person that has accomplished a lot in life.

And during the course of searching for that ideal someone, we fail to appreciate what lies right in front of our eyes – ourselves!
Think about it.

Haven’t you crossed all the hurdles that came in your path? Haven’t you faced the dilemma of making tough choices? What about all those times that you refused to give up? To hold onto to your strength, your faith and your hope even when it seemed impossible? Haven’t you been able to get through it all?
Of course. We all have.

Yet we tend to forget a simple fact –
Being us isn’t easy. Its probably the most challenging thing to do. But that’s all we need to be.

So stop searching. Take a look in the mirror. Appreciate that person you see.
That person who is no less than a super hero. A super hero with the power to succeed.

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Two Doors


He stood there staring at them. Wondering which one to choose. Knowing that each one led to a different path. And each path meant a different story. A story that would become a part of the book of life. A book that would be read and re-read over time. Not only by one but by many.Many that were to make the same decision. A decision that would etch their destiny.
Destiny – something that everyone believes is the final stop during this journey. This journey which makes us stand at crossroads. Crossroads which compel us to define what we want and leave behind the option of what we could have had.
Because what we could have had is always a completely different matter.
A matter that would lead to two other doors. Similar to the ones he was already standing before.
One of which he had to open. One of which would remain shut to him forever. But which would be open to someone else. Someone else who was about to reach the same crossroad.
That’s why it seemed impossible to him. That task of making a choice.
And that’s why it seems so difficult to most of us.
Difficult because it means letting go of something. Something that may have led to a better path. And there lies the challenge. The challenge of believing in ourselves. The challenge of not thinking much about what could have been. The challenge of accepting things as they have turned out to be.
And doing so isn’t easy. Some are able to and some are not.But those who do are the ones who are able to move on.
To move on and keep smiling. To be grateful for the doors that they choose to open, and not regret about the ones that they don’t.
And that’s just the way life works. Its really only a matter of two doors.
One which can take us straight to wherever we want to go, and one which can take us to somewhere we may never have thought of.

Article, Feelings

The “Breakup” and “Makeup” Era


He wakes her up every morning after making her a cup of tea, because he knows that she slept late last night.
She makes him his favourite breakfast, because she knows it will bring a smile on his face. He goes to drop her to work so that she can reach on time. On the way, she puts on some black eyeliner and red lipstick. Not because she wants to look beautiful, but because she loves it when he looks at her that way. That way which makes her feel likes its all worth the effort. Which makes her believe in what everyone says only happens in fairy tales – finding true love. Its all that matters.

Well, maybe some of us would agree with her. Maybe others won’t. And honestly, they do have a reason to think so.

In today’s era of break up and make up, true love seems to be a distant dream. In fact, love seems to have a new definition – 6 pack abs, a BMW, blue eyes, or a size zero body.

No longer does he make her a cup of tea. Instead, he sends her a good morning message on whatsapp. No longer does she make him his favorite breakfast, because she got her nails manicured last night. Dropping her to work is no longer possible, because he doesn’t want to be late himself. The eyeliner and red lipstick look is revamped. She now wears six inch heels and that new expensive dress she bought with his money, because she wants to make an impression. His look doesn’t mean much anymore. There’s nothing such as fairy tales. Love – just a four letter word. It isn’t enough to survive.

Drastic change, isn’t it? But does that mean that we can no longer dream about our ideal partner ? Is waiting for “the one” not worth it anymore? Is there really no prince charming?

Well, the answer lies within your heart.
Love could mean just a four letter word to those who fail to recognize its power. But to those who do, it means all that they need in the journey of life.
It means not being afraid of taking up the challenges. It means being in an entirely different universe. One of its own kind.

After all, we come across love by chance.But we believe in it only by choice.

Article, Feelings

How to Win Against A Demon


Happiness, Anger, Excitement,Uncertainty,
Sadness, Confusion and Anxiety –
All of us experience these crazy emotions as we constantly try to win the battle against various obstacles each day.

These obstacles may be any of the following – dealing with a bad boss, having an argument with a loved one, having to make important decisions or simply worrying about the future.

No matter what form they may appear in, all of them keep adding to one common six letter demon – stress.

Not only does this demon have the power to turn a good day into a bad one, but it also makes us believe that there is no hope of things getting better anytime soon.

We begin to lose faith and question all our thoughts. We aren’t really sure about what we should do anymore. We may also blame ourselves for things that are beyond our control.In short, we end up feeling miserable!

Sounds pretty awful, doesn’t it? But what if there was a way to avoid it all?A way to keep smiling even when your world seemed to be tearing apart. Life would be so much easier right?

Now the question is, what is that magical mantra? The answer is a simple reminder – “This too shall pass.”

Yes. That’s all you need to remember. Believe it or not, these words have the power to turn things around. To fight the demon. To change that frown into a smile. To give you the hope you need to travel that extra mile.

So spread the word. Share the secret. Remind yourself. Tell others too. Because maybe they had a bad day. Because maybe that’s all they need to hear.


Why We Absolutely Love Shopping!

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New footwear– check!

New dress – check!

New pair of jeans – check!

New handbag – check!

And if we were to keep thinking of all the things that we would love to own right now, the list would go on forever.

When it comes to the amount of happiness that shopping gives us, the size of our purchase seizes to matter. Be it something as simple as a hair accessory or as fancy as a pair of six inch stilettos – both leave us smiling at the end of the day.

Spot- try on – take home – that pretty much sums up the process of how we fall in love with our new “future wardrobe” companions.

But buying stuff isn’t the best part. In fact, the reasons why we love doing so are pretty interesting.

“Because we have nothing left to wear”

Everyone can pretty much relate to this one. All of us want to look different each day, and that too literally. Sooner or later, we start feeling that our wardrobe just doesn’t have enough to offer – even though it may be overflowing with clothes!

“Because we just HAVE to check out the new outlet that opened up”

A branch of our favorite store just opened up in the mall nearby. We must go and see how it looks. Maybe it has better things to offer.


“Because we love sales!”

Whenever we read a banner which says “50% off”, the excitement builds up automatically. Also, we develop a very strong competitive spirit, which induces us to go and buy something at half the price before someone else can get their hands on it.

“Because it makes us feel confident”

Admit it, whenever we wear our latest purchase and go out, we love flaunting it and getting compliments. Not only does it make us feel like we are on top of the world, but it also gives a big boost to our confidence.

“Because it has the power to turn any bad day into a good one”

No matter how rough the day has been or how awful you may be feeling, shopping is the cure! It ends up making you feel much happier and more positive than ever before.

A simple activity that works like magic – SHOPPING.

Amazing, isn’t it? What a powerful weapon to beat all of life blues.


Grab your bag. Buy what you love. Don’t let anyone stop you. Lift your weapon.