We’re all just hopeful dreamers

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 9.01.31 PM.png

We sometimes turn around to see what lies behind,

But alas there is really nothing to find,

Gone will be the footprints left on the way,

No longer will the same old songs play,

Memories will hide,

Underneath the layers of time

The laughter will become more distant,

The lines of the images in our minds more fine,

Ahead always lies a new path,

One that promises that with us it will stay,

Only words they are,

But we choose to believe them anyway,

And so we keep going,

As hopeful dreamers,

With faith that is blind,

Believing that someday,

The answers to our desires

We will find

We walk slowly at first,

As unfamiliar territory we explore,

But once we feel at home again,

We begin to run towards more

And then we look back,

Again in the same way

And as time passes by,

We try to make it stay….


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