The Sand and The Sea

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 9.25.06 PM


I have to admit, there is nothing more beautiful

than witnessing the sea meet the shore.

Time stands still as one awaits the other.

The waves racing towards the golden grains of sand,

with a force that seems to be unstoppable.

The sand gently uniting with the wind, surrendering itself.

And as they both touch, a promise is made.

The sea vows to always come back,

Even though it has the limitless possibility to discover new islands.

And the sand, well it keeps faith and gives a part of itself to the sea in return as a memory.

Just as it is time to go their separate ways, both embrace.

Unconditionally. But still, hopeful of the future.

That’s the kind of love we must strive for.

Selfless and strong.

Powerful enough to conquer distance.

Brave enough to let go.

Always willing to wait.

Because it knows that there is something worth waiting for.







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