Perfect Nonsense


You’re living in a fantasy world

None of which makes much sense,

But yet you choose to believe

That there’s a spark of hope,

One that’s powerful, bright and dense


Enough to lighten up the sky

Just like the shooting star,

That you eagerly wait for every night

To wish upon,

Until it disappears to somewhere far


Carrying that one dream

That keeps you awake at night,

Makes you want to give it your all

And reminds you that it’s all worth a fight


One that would end someday

And leave you with nothing but victory,

Turning your life around

And leaving you with a new story


That will be read over and over again

In times of doubt, by your heart

And while your mind may always call it “perfect nonsense”,

You will still choose to believe in it,

As you find that little spark ……..



















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