Under The Same Sky


There were two worlds that they lived in – one full of dreams, and the other stark reality.

One where all that mattered was love,

and one where nothing else really mattered.

One which let them choose what they wanted,

and one where there really was no choice.


It was all temporary.

They knew that soon enough,

these two worlds would become one,

and so, would they.

There would be no more borders.

And the distance would disappear.


He glanced at her as she sat across the room.

She looked back at him and smiled, every day.

And that’s all it took to give them hope.

To make them believe that they were one step closer.


But could there really be one world?

Who knew, except for time.

He thought of her as night fell,

As she silently prayed for an eternity with him,

Under the same sky……







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