Redemption At Last


(Post inspired by “The Vampire Diaries”)


Where there was once faint smoke,

Now burnt a raging fire

That blazed his heart

And scorched his soul


Every time he closed his eyes

Images of her filled up his mind

Refusing to give up on him without putting up a fair fight


He had told her that he knew nothing about love,

Yet she had decided to challenge his greatest fear

Part of him laughed, thinking that she would lose

Part of him believed that she would find a way


And as he sat down in the bar that night

Sipping on his bourbon

All he could hear was

Sounds of her innocent laughter


Maybe there really was something left inside him.

Something that was worth fighting for.

Something that would give him a reason to flip his switch.

Some “shred of humanity” that his brother was always searching for.


The fire inside him continued to burn wildly.

His heart began to beat a little faster.

He finished his drink and closed his eyes again.

And once he opened them, he found peace.

She had saved him.

And now it was his turn.






















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