Experiences, Feelings

The Unwritten Diary


He said goodbye

And I kept waiting

Staring at the half-open door

Wondering if he would ever return

Or care to look back just once

Because if he did,

He would have seen it in my eyes


The reason why I never completed that last sentence

Those words that were always left unsaid

The part of me that didn’t want it to end

But somewhere knew that I had no choice


How I wish I could show him

The 108 pages that I had written

As my mind wandered at 2am

One night after another

Thinking about things


He said that I worried too much

And I always smiled back at him

Knowing that he was right


Maybe I should have tried harder

To live in the present

As he always said

Honestly, I did

Until a glimpse of the future

Flashed before my eyes

But I knew that this was coming

In fact, I had known all along

I just never told him

Because his smile was too precious

For me to take away


Maybe all I needed to do

Was make another wish

And then this would be over

He would walk back in

And shut the door

I would stop worrying,

Like he always asked me to


And think about life

One day at a time

Until night would fall again

And at 2 am

I would end up writing

Page 109














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