And So It Ended


She gazed at the sky and sighed as her eyes began to wander upon all that laid in front of her.

The serene crescent moon. Floating clouds that travelled aimlessly in circles. Distant twinkling stars that held countless wishes. Branches of trees that moved along with gentle strokes of wind that passed by every now and then. All bound together by a comforting silence.

Another day had ended. And once again, she had made it through. Through everything that she thought she wouldn’t have.

Getting up at 5 am. Hitting the gym after ages. Smearing on some eyeliner. Attending countless meetings in the conference room. Leaving office on time. Telling her parents that she was okay. Convincing “him” that they could make it work. Promising herself to find a way.

To find a way to make it through everything again.

Ignoring the thoughts that kept her awake till 2 am. Secretly wanting to add some extra sugar to her coffee. Trying not to tremble as she painted a perfect stroke of black. Falling asleep as she wrote down everything her boss said. Gathering the courage to say no. Lying to her family. Making “him” believe in something that she knew wasn’t going to last for long.

Another day had ended. And she sat there staring at the sky, which was now pitch black. Watching the moon slowly hide, only to re-appear as it moved passed the clouds. Admiring the stars that had begun to fade away but still continued to shine. Closing her eyes as she felt the wind blow. Losing herself in the beautiful silence that now absorbed her. That freed her from all the promises that tied her down. That gave her a chance to let go and simply be.

And with that another day had ended. And so had the doubts that once crossed her mind.

She thanked herself for not giving up, and walked away from the little black window.

Wiping the tears that ran down her cheeks. Believing in herself a little more.

Knowing that tomorrow was on its way. But also knowing that she was ready.

Ready to face whatever it would bring. Ready to battle. Ready to win.



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