Feelings, Poetry

Time to Turn Around



Hello there. It’s me.

Do you remember?

Or are you overwhelmed by all that you have seen?


You’ve been moving ahead so fast

Dreaming, struggling, achieving

All that you had once planned

You’re almost where you have always wanted to be

But do you still think of where it all began?


Those gentle hands that caressed your face

Amidst those sleepless nights of wondering why

The tireless caring,

The warmth of her embrace

The one whose only wish was to see you fly high


Those strong shoulders that never let you down,

Each time you stood amongst the crowd

Who made you believe

That superheroes were for real

The one who always knew that you would make him proud


All those that you have come across,

Those many faces that are now simply memories

Some teaching you how to live

Some making you smile

Some that will forever be beautiful stories


Do you still remember?

I guess not

Maybe it’s time for you to turn around

To slow down a little

To stop by every now and then

To remember all that you have let go of

And celebrate all that you have now found….



















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