A Hundred Reasons


I watched them in awe

As they stared back at me,

Hundreds of them

In different shades of pink


Some just about to bloom,

Some ready to fall

But what was their fate?

I began to think


Would they ever adorn

Hands dressed in white,

At a grand altar

As promises were made?


Or were they destined,

To lay on the ground

Embellishing the memories,

Of those that would never fade


Would they convey

What was yet unspoken,

The selfless passion

Of a stolen heart?


Or maybe celebrate

Another year,

Of aging gracefully

Making a new start


What was the path

That their lives would take?

Those hundred budding clusters

Enchanting and divine


They had no clue,

Yet continued to dazzle,

Knowing that they would someday serve their purpose

As they enjoyed the sunshine……



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