Experiences, Feelings

Something, Somewhere


She woke up as one person, but was never the same one the next day.

Each morning brought with it a new surprise.

Sometimes she had a lot to look forward to…Sometimes nothing at all.
Sometimes she felt as if she was on top of the world..Sometimes she would hit the ground hard.
Sometimes she felt like she was unstoppable..and sometimes it took her forever to move past things.
Sometimes she was fearless..sometimes too scared to think out loud.
Sometimes she would laugh endlessly
and sometimes cry.
Sometimes she thought really hard about what mattered in life…
Sometimes she chose to make no plan.
Sometimes she seemed to be an open book..Sometimes a puzzle waiting to be solved.

Was she the same person I had met before? Honestly, I couldn’t tell.
But I saw things changing.

With every moment that passed by.

From turning struggle into success.
From choosing wisely to making a complete mess.
From cleaning it up to getting ready to rule the world again.
From smiling often, to every now and then.

People said she was crazy. That she had no idea of what she wanted.
But I never really listened to them, because all I could see was the flame that lit up her eyes,
Burning with limitless desire.

And every time I gazed at them, they made me believe.

Believe that I could be a dreamer
and wander for as long as I wished.
Until I found what I really needed.

Time didn’t matter.
It could take years, months or a couple of days.
All that mattered was finding one reason to be happy..out of a million different ways….


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