The Fire of Fear



Yes of course I am afraid-

Of the silence that fills me up at night

Of not knowing what to do next

Of thinking about how to make things right


Of not being able to succeed

Of the countless desires in my mind

Of trying too hard to change the world

Of all the obstacles that I may find


Of holding on for too long

Of making too many memories

Of letting go as I move on

Of the not so happy endings to stories


Of falling in love too soon

Of not being able to decide

Of always having to be okay

Of knowing secrets that I must hide


Who says that I am any different?

Yes of course I am afraid

But in the end all that matters is

Being proud of the choices that I have made….




2 thoughts on “The Fire of Fear

  1. Lishita says:

    Sanya I know this is random of me but I just came across your blog and I can’t help but tell you..
    These are amazing.. All of these poems and thoughts and words. I’m mesmerized. And in awe.. Kudos to you along with a big hug cus this made me so happy 😊💕


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