Mirror Mirror On The Wall


The clock’s ticking. It’s almost time to get to work. She’s standing infront of a mirror and staring at herself – she’s been there for an hour but still hasn’t been able to make a decision.

Do I look okay?

Okay enough to be good?

Good enough for them to like me?

Me – the simple girl next door who wears glasses

Glasses that nobody has ever been able to see beyond

Beyond at who I really am

Am I just another face?

A face that would be forgotten?

Forgotten as soon as I stepped out of that door.

The door that I had once worked really hard for to enter?

Enter into a new world

A new world where I could create a revolution

A revolution that would be big

Big enough to change the way things are right now

Right now, when all that the world notices is how I look

I look okay – I really do

Do I?

I just can’t decide

Decide whether today will be different

Different because I won’t have to think much

Much about how I wish I could get rid of some things

Things like a few extra pounds of weight

Things like my short curly hair

Things like the my dusky brown color

How I wish that they would change

Change- really?

Is it really the right thing to wish for?

To wish for things that would make me just like them

Like them – nothing different

Different- maybe that’s what I really am

I really am special – in my own way

In a way that they will never be

Never be okay with

Okay like I am

I am okay enough

Okay enough to be good

Good enough to decide to stay

Stay just the way I am

I am beautiful

I am confident

I am ready to walk out of that front door

Ready to make their heads turn

Not because I’ve become like them

But because they have never seen someone like me


And that was it. All it took. A simple reminder is all that she needed to stop staring at that mirror.

The world’s an exciting place to be in. Only because we are all so different.

Dont stress over why you cant be more like someone else. Try thinking about this instead –


You are the best that you can be,

You can be so much more but you are no less


Celebrate being who you are,

Celebrate knowing that you arent the same


Wear that pride on your face,

And while youre at it, do wear a smile or two


Because it isnt being like them that matters

In the end, its all about being you.




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