Moving On


Sometimes, we look back,

At everthing that we let go of

The limits we once set ,

The beliefs we once held,

The people we once knew

Wondering if it was really worth it…..


If we are making the right choice now

If we had made the right choice back then

Searching endlessly for some kind of sign-

One that would tell us that we are heading the right way…


One that would give us the courage

To move one step closer

Towards where we are meant to be

But at the same time

Move a step further from where we once were….


Hours pass by,

Sometimes even days

Yet our reverie continues

And so does our search….


And then all of a sudden

The confusion ends

So does the doubt

That we once had in our mind…


We make a decision

And leave everything behind-

The choices we once made,

The memories we once cherished,

The fear we once had….


Knowing that things will never be perfect,

But promising ourselves

That in the end

It will all matter

It will be worth it…….

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