Beginning From The End


I saw a little dandelion sway,

As the wind blew across the field

It bent just a little

And seconds later

Stood tall again

Back to how it was-

Strong,vibrant and firmly holding its ground

But that wasn´t the end…..


Back came the wind,

This time it blew harder

Bending the small flower over completely

Until it touched the moist soil

Forcing it to flow in its direction

Yet a minute later

It started to rise

Constantly moving

As it fought back

But that wasn´t the end…..


This time the wind blew harder

And it didn´t come alone

With it came the rain

Strokes of lightening

and branches that fell

Uprooting the little dandelion

And carrying it along

To a place that it had never been to before


Was this really the end?

Maybe it was

I thought to myself…


Turning back towards my car,

I started walking

Thinking about the small yellow flower


The way it fought back against the storm

The way it gathered all its strength and decided to rise

Even though it knew that it stood no chance

Knowing that things may never be the same again

Was this really the end?


Seconds later, the wind blew again

But this time it didn´t take anything away

Instead it left the little dandelion

Lying next to my feet


I picked it up

And kept it in my pocket

Respecting the courage that it had shown

Realizing that I had always thought wrong

There´s always a time when things come to an end

But an end could lead to a new beginning

Just like it did for the small dandelion

That would now adorn the little glass vase that laid on my desk…….



















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