Watch, I’m on Fire



They kept watching and I kept burning. Sometimes for a few minutes and sometimes for a few hours. Their faces kept changing, but their stories seemed to be the same. The ones they talked about whenever they met each other. I silently watched them as they sat on the wooden chairs that surrounded the table that I decorated.

Decoration – that’s all that I was meant to do sometimes. Just stay still and wait. Wait for a reason to be lighted up by someone. Wait for someone to glance at me for a couple of seconds. To pick me out of my tall and colorful companions who sat elsewhere. To give me a chance to shine and show my real self to the world. To show them that I was capable of much more than just sitting idle and staring at them from where I stood.

Now I hated waiting -but most of the time, that’s all that I was expected to do.
And while I did, I looked at them.
One of them drank silently as he sat in a corner and stared a photograph – probably it was of someone he truly loved. Another one of them was called – “Jibber Jabber”, simply because he never stopped talking. He walked up to everyone he saw. Maybe he was searching for a friend. Then there was the lady who sang at the bar. Her voice had the ability to win hearts- yet all she got was a 10$ bill or two from those who listened.

And that’s when I realised, my life was pretty similar to theirs. They too seemed to be waiting – waiting to be happy, to be approved by those that walked past them, to be seen as much more than just a pretty face that stood in the bar.

I was waiting, and so were they. To live something that they had only dreamt of.
To somehow get rid of all the things that were missing. To find someone who truly cared. Cared enough to make them smile again. Just as I waited for that flame to light me up each day.

And as soon as it did, I would always try to shine as brightly as I could. Hoping that it would give them some kind of peace. That it would help them find whoever they were looking for. That it would spark their desire to fulfill their dream.

Each day I knew that I was growing shorter and shorter. And that soon I wouldn’t be able to see their faces.
But just knowing that I was meant to do so much more than adorning that little table made it seem worthwhile.
So I just continued to sit their silently.
They kept watching, and I kept burning.

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