Experiences, Feelings

The Small Little Things in Life



Sunshine – That’s all that she would spread wherever she went. Some thought she had some kind of superpower, while others just labelled it as a temporary effect that would fade away soon. But what the world believed never really bothered her, because deep down inside, she knew that she had nothing to hide. Nothing to run away from. Nothing to fear.

What the world saw was her beautiful smile, which she never got tired of wearing on her face all day long. But what she had gone through was a story that only she knew. One that was untold. One that was to remain so forever.

People said that she was happy. That she had never faced any problems. That things always worked out according to her plan. But only she knew the truth.

A lot of people had entered her life. Some chose to stay, while others simply left. She had to make choices – some of which she got right, some of them which turned out to be wrong. Each step of her life had been taken after making a decision – sometimes it took a few hours, sometimes a couple of days.

Nevertheless, she was always able to succeed. To get through everything and wake up each morning with newfound hope. Hope that fueled her burning desire to get more out of life. Hope that motivated her to try harder. Hope that made her believe in miracles. Hope that sooner or later, things would be alright.

As she faced each day, her hope made her become stronger. Strong enough to take up whatever challenge life was about to throw at her next. Strong enough to hold things together just when they were about to fall apart. Strong enough to continue watching her own story unfold, one page at a time.

But what was the big secret to her superpower? She too had gone through many ups and downs. Then, how was she able to keep smiling through it all?

Well, the answer lies in appreciating small little things. Those small little things in life that we all forget to be thankful for, ever so often.  That one hug from our parents who love us dearly. That one phone call from a friend just to know whether we reached home safely. That one note written by someone that makes us feel special.

That’s all that it takes to make a difference. That all that it takes to keep going. That was her big secret.

One that I have shared with you. Hoping that she is able to inspire you, in just the same way that she has inspired me. Hoping that the sunshine continues to spread. And one day, light the millions of faces that we see each day.

So go on and spread the word. The world’s waiting.


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