The Art of Keeping Cool



Imagine a scenario in which you are an employee at a government office – an old factory site, not too well maintained and located in a remote area. Your main task is to sit at the reception and resolve the queries of all those who walk into the door. Sometimes doing so is easy, when the matter at hand can be resolved by making just one phone call or simply asking them to fill a form. However, sometimes you may come across people with unreasonable queries and unlimited demands.

In case of the latter, things can get pretty crazy – you may need to answer about 1000 questions, complete whatever you were doing before that one difficult person came in, and make sure that the information you provide is 100% accurate!

And you must handle all of this alone.

All this – all at once.

Now let’s take the example of a modern private organization – a beautiful 15 floor building, covered with glass and located in the heart of the city. Although it may look pretty amazing from the outside, what goes on inside isn’t much different from the former scenario discussed above.

Somewhere behind those magnificent glass doors, an overworked employee who has to meet challenging deadlines struggles to finish his work. And while he’s at it, he is also expected to attend a very important meeting and submit a project outline to his boss. At the same time, he is busy attending calls from clients – always having to wear a smile on his face.

Doesn’t sound easy does it?

Yet these employees are able to deliver all that is expected of them, and that too perfectly.

So what is the formula of their success? How are they able to take it all in even when the world around them seems to be spinning way too fast?

“Patience” – that’s the answer!

Patient people are able to make balanced decisions and come up with quick plans to fix things when they go wrong. They are able to motivate others and make valuable suggestions. They simply keep working hard and wait for the results. And then their wait comes to an end – and they end up winning.

Winning against all the odds -The countless queries. The challenging deadlines. The demanding boss. The endless phone calls from clients.

And that’s what sets them apart and makes them emerge as leaders. And everything seems to be worth it. So the next time you feel like giving up because things seem to have gotten way out of hand, remember to take a step back.

Take a step back and remind yourself that you have a weapon which can help you turn things around.

Remind yourself that you do have what it takes to handle the pressure. Practice the art which works like magic. The art of keeping cool!





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