Who Am I?



Am I the words
Often left unsaid
Or am I the reason
for a new beginning?
Am I a follower
In the crowd
Or am I the one
Who can change what they are thinking?

Am I the shade
Against the sun
Or am I an umbrella
Under the rain?
Am I just a story
Now forgotten
Or am I one
Which can be read over and over again?

Am I a dreamer
Who waits for a miracle
Or one who makes their own destiny?
Am I strong
Am I a believer
Or one who’s still stuck on “maybe”?

Am I the one
Who gives second chances
Or one who simply moves ahead?
Am I able to let go
Or do I hold on to what was once said?

Am I calm
Like the ocean
Or am I a ball of fire?
Am I always practical
Or a hopeless romantic
with a heart full of desire?

Am I a shadow
Am I a reflection
Or just another face they see?
Am I the one
They say I should become
Or am I who I want to be?

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