Meeting Somebody


The world’s full of them.
Those different kind of somebody’s.

Some who rise,
Some who fall,
Some who bow down,
Some who stand tall

Some with promises,
Some with plans,
Some not known by others,
Some with millions of fans

Some who whisper,
Some who talk loud,
Some with patience,
Some who are proud

Some who choose,
Some who follow,
Some with passion,
Some who wait for tomorrow

Some who hold on,
Some who don’t,
Some who care,
Some who won’t

Some of them become a part of our lives.
Some are left behind as memories.
Some lead us to an ending.
Some help us write new stories.

And that’s how it is when we meet somebody. Who we meet isn’t really our choice, but who we never let go of is.

The ones who leave are a reflection of somebody that we once were. But the ones that stay have the power to define who we are.

And that is why we must choose wisely.

Because meeting somebody is easy. But finding those who are worth holding on to is the challenge.

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