5 Foot Tall, 500 Page Dream



Fred closed his eyes as he reminisced one of the dearest memories of his childhood.
He was very young back then – 10 years old,5 foot tall, with curly hair.
It had happened on a Sunday evening, when his Dad had asked him a very important question – What he would want to become when he grew up.
He had spent the entire day thinking about it, until he came across an old book that was kept in his father’s closet.
It was titled – “Just About Anything”.
He flipped a few pages and started to read.

” Everytime I told them that I would become famous someday, they always laughed at me and said it was impossible.Maybe because they thought that I wasn’t meant to be. After all, I didn’t have a lot of money. Neither did I own one of those big houses or expensive cars famous people usually had.

I sat in the meadow and looked at the river. Its path was cut by a huge rock. Yet it continued to flow effortlessly.
Then, I looked up to see the sun. It was hidden behind a cloud. But within a minute, it shone brightly again.
And finally, I looked at the oak tree. Most of its branches had been cut off. Yet it continued to provide as much shade as it could to all the seekers of its shelter.

And that’s when it hit me – The river was determined to flow. The sun was meant to shine. And the tree – it continued to serve its purpose till it could.
Nothing could stop them. Not the rock, not the cloud, not those people who chopped off those branches.

And there laid a lesson I would carry with me for a lifetime. It didn’t matter if they laughed. Or if I didn’t have all those things they said I needed to have.
Nothing could stop me if I had the determination to move ahead, the patience to wait for the right moment and the will to keep dreaming, even when half the world told me not to.

Everyone could become whoever they wanted to- An artist, a writer, an actor.
As long as they had a burning desire for success in their heart. A passion to go on.

There really wasn’t any limit to how far one could travel in life. One could do just about anything – if they really wanted to.”

Suddenly, Fred’s thoughts were broken by a voice –

“Mr.Carter, we go live in the next five minutes. Are you ready?”, said a young man with a microphone.

“Sure.”, Fred replied.

It was the day he had been waiting for.
The day that his new book was going to be launched.
He took a deep breath and looked at the little boy who stood beside him. He was five foot tall, and had finally fulfilled his 500 page dream.

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