It’s Time To Fly


They fluttered along
Forming patterns of different kinds
First going their separate ways
And then turning around

They kept on moving
First in circles
And then in squares
Stopping at points
Where what they were looking for was found

And then they moved ahead
From one place to another
Trying to move faster
Flapping their wings as hard as they could

With a burning desire to explore the world
Without any clue of
What they wouldn’t be able to see
And what they would

It seemed as if they already knew
About all that laid ahead
As if they carried a message
There was something that they said

Let go of the fear
That holds you back
And light the flame of desire
Let go of all
That makes you refuse
To leave your own ground

And then all of a sudden
They disappeared
Flying further into the sky
Until all I saw was a distant star
And I whispered “Goodbye”..


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