Revelations in the Rain



The tiny kitchen window with a Victorian frame.I would sit there with a mug of coffee everytime it rained and listen to one of my favorite Bryan Adams songs.
“Here I am, this is me, there’s nowhere else on Earth I’d rather be”

That’s how it began. And I would sit there. Sometimes for a few minutes and sometimes for hours. Thinking about all the “stuff” that happened that day, and trying to analyze the mysterious ways of life.

And today was no different. It was rainy heavily outside. And I was sitting at the same place. But with a different question in mind – How do people judge us? What really matters when it comes to becoming someone who stands out among the crowd? Is it the money we have? Is it the clothes we wear? Is it the number of degrees we own?

Somewhere between the process of brainstorming, my eyes fell upon two men who were walking down the street. They looked elegant in their business suits.

On the way, they saw an old woman who was standing under a tree, trying to protect herself from the storm. She was completely drenched in the rain and was beginning to shiver.

One of the men continued walking, paying no attention to her. But the other one stopped and offered her his umbrella. Then he took off his coat and put it over her shoulders. The old woman smiled at him and patted his head.

And then, they began to walk together. Maybe he was going to drop her home. Or take her to the coffee shop round the corner and buy her something.

Maybe I would never know. But what I did know was that my search had come to an end. The search for the answer to the question that was on my mind.
It wasn’t the money. Or the clothes. Nor was it the number of degrees he had that had made me respect that man in the suit. It was the choice which he had made.
And there laid my answer –

Choices – that’s what really defines who we are.
Choices – The bricks that build our identity.
Choices – that make us different from the rest
Choices – simple decisions made by people like them and me


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