The World Isn’t Round



Everyone says the world is round. But I don’t agree. Wondering why?
Well, consider this –

When we land on this planet and begin our journey, we are surrounded by a large number of people.
People who welcome us. People who shower us with love. People who spend hours by our side.
But soon enough, we grow up. And as we do, these people begin to disappear.
But if the world is indeed round, why do they never cross our path again?

The present picture. That’s all that flashes before our eyes. What we leave behind becomes the past, and what we await is the future.
But if the world is indeed round, the picture we see first shouldn’t matter. Why can’t we begin with the end?

A race from the starting point to the finishing point. That’s what life is seen as.
But if the world is indeed round, then wouldn’t both of them be the same? There would be no winner or loser.

If you ask me, the world’s nothing close to round.
Its probably more like a straight line. Once we choose a direction, we move in it indefinitely. Not having a chance to look back. Nor to turn around and change the decision we once made.

All we do is keep moving ahead. Towards an unknown destination. Towards a new tomorrow.
Using all of our wisdom. Some of our own, and some which from others we borrow.

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