Searching for a Super Hero


More often than not, we hear people complaining about things that they don’t have; or questioning why others have what they do.Most of us aim to become like someone else who we consider as a role model. Someone who has it all. Someone who seems to have made all of life’s decisions correctly. Someone who seems to be a perfect example of the kind of person that has accomplished a lot in life.

And during the course of searching for that ideal someone, we fail to appreciate what lies right in front of our eyes – ourselves!
Think about it.

Haven’t you crossed all the hurdles that came in your path? Haven’t you faced the dilemma of making tough choices? What about all those times that you refused to give up? To hold onto to your strength, your faith and your hope even when it seemed impossible? Haven’t you been able to get through it all?
Of course. We all have.

Yet we tend to forget a simple fact –
Being us isn’t easy. Its probably the most challenging thing to do. But that’s all we need to be.

So stop searching. Take a look in the mirror. Appreciate that person you see.
That person who is no less than a super hero. A super hero with the power to succeed.

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