Two Doors


He stood there staring at them. Wondering which one to choose. Knowing that each one led to a different path. And each path meant a different story. A story that would become a part of the book of life. A book that would be read and re-read over time. Not only by one but by many.Many that were to make the same decision. A decision that would etch their destiny.
Destiny – something that everyone believes is the final stop during this journey. This journey which makes us stand at crossroads. Crossroads which compel us to define what we want and leave behind the option of what we could have had.
Because what we could have had is always a completely different matter.
A matter that would lead to two other doors. Similar to the ones he was already standing before.
One of which he had to open. One of which would remain shut to him forever. But which would be open to someone else. Someone else who was about to reach the same crossroad.
That’s why it seemed impossible to him. That task of making a choice.
And that’s why it seems so difficult to most of us.
Difficult because it means letting go of something. Something that may have led to a better path. And there lies the challenge. The challenge of believing in ourselves. The challenge of not thinking much about what could have been. The challenge of accepting things as they have turned out to be.
And doing so isn’t easy. Some are able to and some are not.But those who do are the ones who are able to move on.
To move on and keep smiling. To be grateful for the doors that they choose to open, and not regret about the ones that they don’t.
And that’s just the way life works. Its really only a matter of two doors.
One which can take us straight to wherever we want to go, and one which can take us to somewhere we may never have thought of.

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