Take Me Back


Take me back.
To the time when every morning meant so much more than just the beginning of another day. When the toughest decisions I had to make were nothing more than choosing what my favourite color was.
When somebody would ask me how my day was and genuinely want to hear about it.

Take me back.
To a place where miracles existed.Where I could believe in fairy tales and fables. Where promises of being “friends forever” were made and kept too.

Take me back.
To the world which I had imagined. A place full of hope. Where time was plenty. Where the things I had to do revolved around the lives of those I love the most.

As I silently wished for something that I knew wasn’t possible, she walked up to me. Four feet tall, brown eyes, radiant smile – and a look of innocence.

“Come with me”, she said. I followed her. And after a while, I found myself standing at a place which seemed familiar.

Before me, stood a group of about ten happy young faces. All of them looked at me at once, with a sparkle in their eyes.

And before I knew it, I was running across a soccer field and they were chasing me. We did this for hours. It made them laugh, and for some reason made me smile too.

And that’s when I realised how wrong I was. Of course there was a way to go back. Age didn’t really matter. Nor did time.
Maybe I could no longer go back to that magical world of mine.
But I still had a chance to become a part of theirs.

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