The “Breakup” and “Makeup” Era


He wakes her up every morning after making her a cup of tea, because he knows that she slept late last night.
She makes him his favourite breakfast, because she knows it will bring a smile on his face. He goes to drop her to work so that she can reach on time. On the way, she puts on some black eyeliner and red lipstick. Not because she wants to look beautiful, but because she loves it when he looks at her that way. That way which makes her feel likes its all worth the effort. Which makes her believe in what everyone says only happens in fairy tales – finding true love. Its all that matters.

Well, maybe some of us would agree with her. Maybe others won’t. And honestly, they do have a reason to think so.

In today’s era of break up and make up, true love seems to be a distant dream. In fact, love seems to have a new definition – 6 pack abs, a BMW, blue eyes, or a size zero body.

No longer does he make her a cup of tea. Instead, he sends her a good morning message on whatsapp. No longer does she make him his favorite breakfast, because she got her nails manicured last night. Dropping her to work is no longer possible, because he doesn’t want to be late himself. The eyeliner and red lipstick look is revamped. She now wears six inch heels and that new expensive dress she bought with his money, because she wants to make an impression. His look doesn’t mean much anymore. There’s nothing such as fairy tales. Love – just a four letter word. It isn’t enough to survive.

Drastic change, isn’t it? But does that mean that we can no longer dream about our ideal partner ? Is waiting for “the one” not worth it anymore? Is there really no prince charming?

Well, the answer lies within your heart.
Love could mean just a four letter word to those who fail to recognize its power. But to those who do, it means all that they need in the journey of life.
It means not being afraid of taking up the challenges. It means being in an entirely different universe. One of its own kind.

After all, we come across love by chance.But we believe in it only by choice.

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